8 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Management Tools

From simple scrolls and paper flyers to the digital world of pixels, marketing has come a long way. Social media is the most preferred marketing channel, as 77% of businesses use social media to reach …

From simple scrolls and paper flyers to the digital world of pixels, marketing has come a long way. Social media is the most preferred marketing channel, as 77% of businesses use social media to reach new customers. 

These figures are rising year-over-year, showing why social media marketing should be the top priority of businesses. Social media marketing is a complex and versatile industry that can become difficult to navigate as a professional. 

Managing multiple social media accounts demands significant effort in marketing your content. The timing, manner, and content selection for posting all become persistent challenges.

Social media management tools like Adublisher are devised to help marketers make the most of this market. Initially, businesses and marketing teams show reluctance to invest in social media management tools, but as they grow, it becomes inevitable to succeed without one. 

If you are one of the iffy marketers looking for reasons to invest in a social media management tool, we will help you clear your doubt in this blog. 

8 Reasons to invest in social media management tools like Adublisher. 

Managing multiple social media accounts. 

Successful marketing strategies include incorporating multiple social media accounts to achieve maximum organic reach. Facebook allows businesses to make various business pages for a variety of reasons. 

If you are a big enterprise, there might be a lot of pages for your campaigns and new projects. It is essential to be active on all these pages for maximum user engagement. In the same vein, businesses that have multiple Facebook pages have multiple Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards.

social media management tools

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Instagram allows users to create a maximum of 5 accounts on the graphical platform with more than 2 billion active monthly users. Most social media users have multiple social media presences; it’s only logical for businesses to go with the same approach. 

Keeping track of these social media account pages is tiring, and considering the rapid pace of the digital world, it is a common problem to forget your login information. You can use one password for every account; remembering different passwords can be a headache. 

Social media management tools allow the authorization and syncing of your social media accounts with the software, and your worries are almost over, as you need to remember your tool’s login information. 

After synchronizing your accounts with the social media management tool Adublisher or other third-party tools, you can efficiently publish across your social media platforms using a centralized dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between various apps and websites.

A safe and optimal solution for businesses and marketing agencies battling the management of several accounts. 

Eagle Eye View of the progress

It’s common practice among digital agencies and businesses to hire a social media management team to harness the industry’s true potential. Managing different team members and tracking their work is not a piece of cake. 

With social media management tools, you can easily ensure the team is working on your designated tasks and see what they are posting and how often they are posting for maximum productivity. 

Potent Social media management tools like Adublisher allow teams to share their work more rapidly and efficiently to streamline their projects. 

Maximizing user engagement. 

The backbone of social media marketing is to be “social” with your customers and viewers. There is no better way to achieve that: by posting regularly and across your social media presence. 

Social media management tools ease engagement by allowing marketers and small businesses to post multiple times daily across all channels without rigorous hustling. 

Some tools come with messaging services where you can see the messages of your viewers and clients and respond to them from a unified messaging forum to develop a strong, trusting, and loyal relationship with them. 

social media management tools like Adublisher

(Data Source WeAreSocial)

Social media platforms fueled by robust tools like Adublisher are a great way to create brand awareness among people. 74.7% of users use different social media platforms for brand research and consider the social media presence of a brand in their buying decisions.

Schedule posts on Social media 

We have established that social media is a global industry with billions of monthly visitors. It should not be surprising that these users come from different countries and time zones, making it arduous to post for them. 

If you target customers in the USA and Canada and a client base in the UK, posting for one will not reach the other. Every marketer and advertising agency uses AI and predicting tools to find the peak time and post. According to that, if you miss your timeline, your chances of getting a view are zero. 

Astute social media marketing agencies and successful businesses define their target audience and research online to find the best time to post for them. By posting at the right time with good content, you can ensure maximum organic reach for your posts. 

Posting at these times requires the services of a social media marketing tool like Adublisher to draft and schedule posts on social media platforms according to their peak time, keeping in mind the customer’s time zone. 

social media management tools like Adublisher

It’s crucial to recognize that each social media platform has its distinct peak time. Therefore, when posting on multiple platforms, ensure your content conforms to the respective format and is scheduled for the appropriate peak time.

Create a posting calendar

Creating one post at a time and formatting it according to different platforms is time-consuming as a sword is always hanging on your head to post something creative on social media. 

To tackle this problem and streamline social media postings, marketers create a monthly posting calendar, including a series of posts about services, upcoming events, public holidays, and promotions to free up time for more concerning and real-time matters. 

social media management tools like Adublisher

With social media management tools, teams can

  • Efficiently bulk schedule posts,
  • Brainstorm Ideas,
  • write Captions,
  • Insert images,
  • Schedule at peak times,

These options streamline the process and free up time for other tasks.

social media management tools like Adublisher

Get more traffic on your blogs. 

Social media posts and videos serve as the primary marketing content for most businesses. Blogs on the other hand secure their position in the industry by cultivating a devoted clientele. 70% of users prefer blogs for information rather than conventional advertising channels. 

Affiliate marketing is an ongoing revenue stream for people sponsored by tech giants like Amazon. 84% of businesses have an affiliate program showing how potent this marketer is. 

Blogs have a common enemy called low traffic; with 6 million blogs being published across the web daily, you need a strong strategy combining social media marketing and SEO to get ahead of the competition. 

social media management tools

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With billions of users, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help bloggers get the much-needed traffic. Post your blogs on social media along with your affiliate links to get more eyes on your content. 

Elevate innovation in your blog marketing by incorporating social media management tools. Schedule your RSS Feed on social media during peak hours to capture your viewer’s attention precisely.

Social media tool Adublisher allows manual and auto-posting options for blogger to publish their content on social media. 

Analyze your posts. 

To progress effectively, it’s essential to evaluate past experiences and efforts, gauging the outcomes achieved. Instead of advancing blindly, ensure your social media posts are grounded in concrete data.

Google Analytics analyzes effective posts, target demographics, social media impact, and required improvements. Adublisher, a social media management tool, integrates Google Analytics for focused resource allocation, enhancing goal achievement. Different management software have various analytical tools; make sure you choose one that offers the best help. 

social media management tools like Adublisher

An additional advantage of scrutinizing your posts is identifying the keywords that are capturing attention. These keyword results can be implemented in websites and blogs to increase the authority and traffic of your professional sites. 

Generate reports for stakeholders. 

Keeping the C-suite in the loop for a long-term successful social media strategy is essential. Social media management tools deliver performance reports according to the analytical data used in meetings. 

These reports justify resource investment in social media tools and build trust and credibility for future endeavors.


Social media management tools are designed to make marketing easy by injecting innovation and technology into the process. Tools like Adublisher assists marketing teams in achieving goals through engagement, strategic posting, bulk scheduling, RSS feed, and progress analysis.

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