What is Facebook Ad Break?

Facebook Ad break is a special feature introduced by Facebook in 2018 in which Facebook provides a special opportunity to its users. In this opportunity the Facebook allows its users to monetize their organic videos …

What is Facebook Ads Break?

Facebook Ad break is a special feature introduced by Facebook in 2018 in which Facebook provides a special opportunity to its users. In this opportunity the Facebook allows its users to monetize their organic videos which are three minutes long and can generate revenue. It is the short ads that are placed inside the video and display when somebody watches the video.

What is Facebook Ads Break
Facebook Ads Break

Facebook users can apply for Ad break if their pages meet some specific criteria specified by the Facebook Ad break management team. In this article we will discuss all Facebook Ad break policy, requirement policy, in which country Ad break can work, how can you apply for Ad break and how can you use it after getting approved. These all things we will discuss in this article. After reading this article you will be able to display ad on your organic videos that can generate revenue.

From Which Country You Can Apply

The first and most important thing you should need to know is that Facebook allows your country to apply for the ad break. If you are not in the list of the permitted country for ad break then you can’t apply so leave it. From the last few months, Facebook Ad break available in the UK, United States, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. But now Facebook is increasing in this list of eligible countries. If you are not added to the listed country then don’t worry Facebook is increasing this list day by day like in Europe, Latin, South America, and Asia.

According to the Director of Facebook product for the news feed and media monetization, Facebook started testing Ad break a year ago.

“We started very conservatively,” she said. “It’s a very new initiative for us … We needed to get the user experience right.”

So we experienced that these ad work best for longer videos that’s why we specified the minimum length for the ad break video is three minutes or longer.

eligible country for ads break
eligible country for ads break

Here we have some more countries which are listed for Ad Break. Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, and Thailand. As part of this expansion, Facebook is adding support for five new languages, namely French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. There are total of 21 countries where Facebook Ad Break is available.

According to director Smith “We’re making sure we’re very thoughtful, rolling this out in phases,” Smith said. “As we get ready to honor our commitment to our partners to enable them to monetize, we’re very excited.”

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Facebook Ad Break?

Facebook specified eligibility criteria for the pages to apply for the Ad break. If any page meets with this requirement then you can apply otherwise it will tell you what you need to do. Here is the requirements list.

eligibility criteria for facebook ads break
eligibility criteria for facebook ads break
  1. Your page must have a minimum of 10k followers.
  2. Your videos should be three minutes long which also has 30,000 1 minute views.
  3. Partner monetization standards should be met.
  4. At the last, your page must be listed in the eligible country of Ad break.
  5. You should be at least 15 years old.

You can check your page eligibility criteria through “https://www.facebook.com/business/m/join-ad-breaks

Tips to Make Your Page Eligible for Facebook Ad Break

Grow your Facebook page likes

Generate high quality and unique content and share it on different channels to promote it. You can run a page like paid campaign to increase the page likes.

Facebook page likes
Facebook page likes

Invite engaged users to like your page, it is not necessary that only your page followers are the engaged user of your posts but other people can also be, where your page post got reach. You can see your engaged user to your posts by hover over on the reaction which located under the people reach.

Here you will see an active like button with each user, invite them from here one by one.

How to Meet 30,000 1 minute video Views Requirement

1 minute video Views Requirement
1 minute video Views Requirement

The more followers you have on your page, the more you get the views. But If you have fewer followers and want to increase the watch time. You should have interesting and user engage content which maximum 3 to 4 minutes long so users don’t get bored.

Your page may also be applicable for the ad break if it has 180,000 total views across all page video. I think it’s the best option you can use every video either it is less than 3 minutes. You can select your most engaging video to promote and can easily increase the views. Facebook also give you suggestion about your best video to promote it.

Run a Video Views Campaign

Video Views Campaign
Video Views Campaign

According to my opinion, it is the ideal solution to increase the views through a video views campaign. For running video views campaign, choose ThruPlay optimization. In this method, Facebook shows your post to those people who watch at least 15 sec of your video.

In the campaign objective, select your video views, your target audience, budget, and schedule and select ThruPlay for optimization for Ad Delivery.

Here you have to do one more thing, choose “ad placement” and uncheck the Instagram, Audience Network, and messenger, it will increase one more minute video views on your post, although your costs a little bit increase.

How to Apply for Facebook Ad Break

Facebook Creator Studio
Facebook Creator Studio

To apply for Facebook Ad break you just have to go on “Facebook Creator Studio”. Choose the page which is eligible for Ad break and click on “monetization” from the left navigation bar as you can see in the picture below.

Now review and accept the monetization term and conditions. Now set your payment detail and how to receive your payment.

Payment Method

There are multiple payment methods when you run Facebook ads. To add payment detail you have to go in the Ads manager account and select payment setting. You can add other persons into your account so they can also run their separate campaigns from your account. One thing, you should be the owner of that account so the verification process can be done easily.

Add Payment Method
Add Payment Method facebook ads break

You can also add a manual payment detail mean you can add money to your account but in this way, you can’t use all payment methods as shown here, for example, you can’t choose PayPal. You can get full detail about the manual method through manual payments.

How to Add Payment Method

  1. Go to your Ads Manager account, from the left corner open setting.
  2. Click on “All tools” and then “Billing” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to payment setting and “add payment setting”.
  4. From here select “Online banking” and do as instructions given to verify your payment account.

You can change the account later by adding a new payment method. Once you change your bank account it will take three to four days for adding the new account or you can also change the payment method too.

Here you can select the option to automatically monetize the last 30 days videos.

After finalizing the page setup wait for the approval which is often quite a fast process.

How to Place the Ads between Video

After approving the account, the next step is to place Ads into your content. There are two ways to place the Ad break into your video.

ads Break placement method
ads Break placement method
  1. The first is allows Facebook to automatically place the Ads in your video. In this way, Facebook automatically chooses the best part of the video where it stops the video and displays Ads.
  2. The 2nd way is, you can manually edit the Ad placement. You can control at what part of the video your Ad should be displayed. The best option is here, choose the 10-sec ad placement option from the menu to get a good result.

Make Your Page videos Eligible for Ad Break Monetization

It is not necessary that your each 3 minutes video is eligible for Ad break. When you publish any new video to your page it automatically goes to under review process. When your video remains under review it generates revenue but limited. Often it takes 48 hours to complete this process.

At this stage, Facebook Ad break check the velocity of the video if it is higher or lower. If the video gets 25 views in first 10 minute after publishing then the video velocity is high, but if it takes more 5 minutes to get 25 views then the velocity of the video is low and it takes some more time in reviews process than the video which get 25 views in just 10 minutes.

facebook ad breaks status icons
facebook ad breaks status icons

You can check the status of the video in the Ad break tab as shown below.

After completing the review process there will be one option between three which are listed below. To check the eligibility of video monetization, you can visit Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies. If your video is not eligible for the monetization, you can appeal but only once.

Here we have some tips to make your page videos more engaged for the users.

Create a Quality Content and Establish a Theme

When you creating a video for your page before this establishes a proper theme in your mind about your page user what they often like, what type of content the user takes interest, try to help the audience with your work.

Always place a hook between your 3 to 5 minutes video. Always put some entertaining part of your brand, so people don’t get bored and take an interest.

Don’t use static images and slide base having large text content on slides. Always use motion pictures and live interaction videos. To make videos you can use your smartphones, camera, and video editing tool.

Always Create Original Content

Facebook always protect the property of its user so it is one of the top priority for Facebook to avoid copyright content. Facebook Ad break cannot be applicable to shared videos or taken from any other platform. You must have to create your original content to use for this platform.

Facebook content generating
Facebook content-generating

Another option which you can use to get the Creative Commons License video, then it also a risk of violating the Facebook Content of Monetization Policies. You can share the YouTube viral videos with their creators and share the revenue-generating by that video.

How to Review Your Ad Break Revenue

To check about revenue go to Facebook Creator Studio, then monetization from the left navigation bar, and then insight. Here you can see the views of your video, the more engaging content the more views you get. Facebook pays you for watched minutes.

Review Your Ads Break Revenue
Review Your Ads Break Revenue

In the insight tab, you can see the most viral video which generates high revenue through 3 minutes video.


You can also see the individual video result thought “Monetization” and then “Ad Breaks”.

facebook ad breaks monetization for individual video
facebook ad breaks monetization for individual video

Now click on $ sign, here you can see some more options like Ad impression and CPM, etc.


Revenue depends on these two factors.

  1. Ad CPM
  2. Ad impression

Impression means the views you get on your videos but you wouldn’t be paid for each 1-minute view. The views coming from that country that are not eligible for Ad break wouldn’t generate any revenue. So it wouldn’t be included in your Ad impression.

CPM depends on the geographic location of your audience for example if your mostly audience is located in the U.S then your revenue would be high than if the audience from South Asia.

Here is the formula through this you can estimate your revenue.

(Ad Impressions x Ad CPM) / 1,000 = $ Earnings

For example if you have 4500 ad impression and CPM is $2.50, then you can calculate like this

4500 x 2.50/1000 = $11.25

To withdraw the money, you must have $100 in your account. Then 2nd thing Facebook always pays you monthly.

I hope we have added all the points about Facebook Ad Break which you need to know. If you have any other query then please give us feedback so we add them here.

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