Facebook Business Manager complete guide

Facebook Business Manager complete guide

Facebook business manager guide


If you’re into online marketing, you definitely know about Facebook Business Manager.
As the name suggests, Facebook Business Manager neatly organizes the elements you need to manage your Facebook account. Get everything related to your needs in one place.
Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to create, publish, monitor, and report on various business-related assets such as your company’s Facebook page and Facebook ads.

Why Facebook Business Manager Important

Business Manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and share access to assets with their teams, partner agencies, and vendors.
Facebook Business Manager is a place where you can manage all your Facebook marketing and advertising activities. Here you can also control multiple users’ access to additional resources such as Instagram accounts and product catalogs.

What can we do with this tool?

  1. We can create and manage multiple assets such as Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, audience lists, and product catalogs in one place.
  2. We can control user access and permissions for anyone working on an ad account, page, or app, and retain ownership of all assets.
  3. We can track our ads on Facebook and Instagram more efficiently with simple overviews and detailed views of our ad spending and impressions

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manage

Now that you know why you should use Facebook Business Manager, let’s start setting it up. Here are the different steps to understand the Facebook Business Manager setup. Let’s get started.

Step no 1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

The first step in setting up a Business Manager is creating an account. You must use your personal Facebook profile to verify your identity. Your colleagues and partners will not have access to your personal information on this account.

1. Go to business.facebook.com/create and select Create Account.

Facebook Business Manager


2. You need to enter your name and confirm your identity with Facebook login credentials. You need to enter your business name, your own name, and your business email address, then click on the “Next” button.

Facebook Business manager guide


3. You need to follow the instructions to create your business. You’ll enter your business details:

  • Address
  • Phone number and
  • Website.

You must also indicate if this business his manager will be using to advertise your own business or provide services to other businesses (agency, etc.). When you’re done with all details click on the “Submit” button.

Facebook Business Manager guide

4. Then you need to wait for an email with the subject “Confirm your business email”. In the message, you need to click on the “Confirm Now” button.

Step no 2. Add your Facebook Business Page or pages

At this step, you have several different options. You can add an existing Facebook business page or create a new page. If you manage a Facebook page for a client, you can also request access to other people’s pages.

How to upload your Facebook web page to Facebook Business Manager:

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click Add Page. Then click Add Page again in the opened window.

Facebook business manager guide


Facebook business manager guide

2. After clicking Add Page, you need to enter your business page name. Your request will automatically be approved because you have access to your own Facebook page.

Facebook business manager guide


3. If you have many Facebook pages, you can add them all by simply following the exact same method.

Step no 3. Add your Facebook Ad Account

Adding ad accounts to the Facebook Business Manager app is a one-time task and cannot be removed, so we recommend adding accounts that you own.

If you already have a Facebook Ads account, here’s how to add it to Business Manager:

1. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Ad Account, click Add Ad Account again, and enter the Ad Account ID found in Ads Manager.

Facebook business manager guide


2. You need to enter the appropriate details and click on the “Next” button.

Facebook business manager guide


3. Then you need to indicate that you are using an advertising account for your business and click on the “Create” button.

Facebook business manager guide


According to Facebook’s policy, when you set up a business account on Facebook, you can have an advertising account from the beginning. By actively investing money in this account, you can add 4 more advertising accounts for the same company. You can have up to 5 ad accounts per business.

Step no 4. Add People to Help you Manage your Facebook Assets

Facebook Business Manager allows you to add other users who can manage your Facebook business page and other campaigns.

You can set up teams using the following methods:

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click on “Add People”.

2. Then enter your business email address of the team member you want to add. These could be employees, freelance contractors, or business partners. This step adds a person, not an agency or another company.

Facebook business manager guide


3. Click Pages in the left menu. Select the page that this team member will work on.

Facebook business manager guide


4. You can assign different roles to every member. There are different roles such as:

  • Page admin
  • Page moderator
  • Page analyst
  • Page editor
  • Page advertiser
Facebook business manager guide


After completing the role assignments, you can click the Next button. In the next step, you will be asked to assign another catalog that can be skipped, for now, click the “Skip” button.

5. Then you have to wait for everyone to accept the invitation for a role on the team.

An email will be sent to each user with information about the access you granted and a link to get started, but we recommend sending a personal message or letting them know in person that you have granted this permission. Once accessed, you should receive an automated email with a link.

Facebook business manager guide


Step no 5. Connect your business partners or ad agency

If you’re just getting started with Facebook Ads, this feature isn’t available, but you can always use it later.

(i) From your Business Manager dashboard, click the Business Settings icon.

(ii) Select the People & Assets tab.

(iii) Select a site or advertising account and you will see an affiliate option in the left-hand column, click on it.

(iv) Select Partner Assignment.

(v) A role must be assigned to the partner or agency (same as step 4).

(vi) You will then receive a link where your partner or agency can join her Facebook Business Manager. Copy this link and send it to your partner or distributor. Click the Close button.

Facebook business manager guide


Facebook business manager guide


Final thoughts

Logging in to Facebook Business Manager for the first time can seem complicated. You can also opt for the Facebook Business Manager app to work with a better interface. In this article, we’ve provided a complete Facebook Business Manager guide. Hope this article proves helpful for you.

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