From Zero to Hero: How Instagram Schedulers Can Supercharge Your Social Media Growth.

Are you familiar with an Instagram scheduler? Can you schedule posts on Instagram? Why should I schedule posts on Instagram? How can I schedule posts on Instagram?  If you are tangled in these questions, we …

Are you familiar with an Instagram scheduler? Can you schedule posts on Instagram? Why should I schedule posts on Instagram? How can I schedule posts on Instagram? 

If you are tangled in these questions, we can help you find the best possible answers in this blog. Businesses have been begging the creators of Instagram to allow scheduling to streamline Instagram marketing. This request has a solid reason; we will get to it later. 

Instagram finally enabled the scheduling feature for business and creator accounts with built-in scheduling tools. So, the answer to, Can you schedule posts on Instagram is simple: YES! 

Eyeing the opportunity, many third-party Instagram schedulers— like Adublisher— surfaced in the market. 

Instagram is a visually rich social media platform boasting more than 2 billion monthly active users who love to shop and discover new products and brands on the platform. Brands are focused on creating engaging content to capture more and more consumers. There is a lot happening around. 

It gets challenging to ultimately get a hold of the numerous moving parts of Instagram marketing— content planning, posting, engaging with the audience, managing a team, and posting consistently. To work better and increase productivity, businesses use Instagram schedulers like Adublihser to make things easy. 

Most social media marketing teams and businesses are using Instagram schedulers, especially startups and small businesses trying to make it big with a limited budget. 

Why should you invest in an Instagram scheduler? 

Besides allowing marketers and content creators to schedule content for ease of work, what are some other benefits of using an Instagram scheduler? 

Maintain consistency. 

We know that there are a couple of billion users on Instagram. Can you guess how much data they post on Instagram every day? No! According to Zippia, 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day 🤯. More than 40 billion photos have been posted on Instagram since its launch in 2010. 

(Data Source Zippia)

That is why it’s essential for brands to post consistently on their Instagram accounts to stay in the game and get noticed by the algorithm. Instagram schedulers are a great help in posting regularly and keeping in touch with your followers. 

Foster more engagements. 

Posting regularly on Instagram will create anticipation in your followers, aching to see more good content from you. With the help of Instagram schedulers, marketers post content regularly, fostering engagements. 

More engagements will alert the algorithm to highlight your posts to more accounts, fueling even more engagements. Engagements are the best solution to the organic reach problem. So, keep on posting for more likes and shares. 

Gain more followers.


As mentioned above, Instagram schedulers help marketers post content regularly that, in return, brings engagement and triggers the algorithm to focus on your content. Algorithm is just a technical word, meaning the platform will show viewers what they want to see. 

Intrusive human nature likes to watch what people are talking about, which is what the algorithm will show them. That is why more engagements result in more reach. As more people see your content and like it, they will like to see more content like that and follow your account, increasing your telly. 

Interact with the audience. 

No matter how much the digital marketing industry has evolved lately, people still prefer human interactions. There is a fine line between appropriately automating and overdoing it. Human relations is something that must be done by marketers.

Since your grunt work is scheduled, you have a lot of free time on your hands. This time can be used to interact with the audience. Reply to their comments under the post and engage in a healthy conversation. More comments will add to the visibility of your post. 

Go live, indulge in Q&As, create a community by diving into related groups and discussing different benefits of your products, and post interactive content like poles and quizzes in your stories. 

Good quality content. 

What is better, creating content in a rush or planning content, reviewing, and validating it before publishing? Later, right? Of course, the latter option is the best. Instagram schedulers like Adublihser allow marketers to create content in advance according to the proper plan and review it to ensure it aligns with the brand. 

Creating content on the fly exposes typos and content that might not fully represent the brand’s image according to the C-suite or other stakeholders. Schedulers give the freedom to bring all the stakeholders and post content that portrays the right message. 

Make more sales. 

Instagram-timed posts with compelling content and eye-catching visuals will nurture more engagements, and followers will increase your social media presence. Instagram schedulers can make this process convenient and more efficient, maximizing results. 

Instagram accounts with a high number of followers can bring more sales and traffic to ecommerce websites. Brands are investing millions in influencer marketing just for the reason of getting more visibility. If you have a lot of followers, you can achieve most of the goals without influencer marketing. 

Promote your products better. 

If you have a product coming to the market soon, you can create an Instagram post schedule focused on the launch and promotion of the product in advance. Schedule it with Instagram Creator Studio or a third-party Instagram scheduler like Adublisher to create consumer anticipation. 

Scheduling posts about the product allows brands to attend to other tasks involved in promoting the product. 

Cross-channel marketing. 

Instagram is a top-rated and lucrative social media marketing platform, but it’s not the end of the world. Many other social media networks are necessary for maximizing organic reach. 

This is where native scheduling tools fall short. Brands use third-party social media post schedulers like Adublisher to post content across leading platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to get optimal conversions. 

Understanding the audience. 

Posting content on social media without any heading is like aiming at the target without knowing where it is. Social media management tools are equipped with far better tools than just a scheduler. Google Analytics is very powerful, with over 37 million websites using it to gather insights. 

(Data Source Narrative)

Adublisher comes primed with Google Analytics free of cost, offering brands valuable data. Marketers learn about consumer behavior posts performance, indicating what works and which ones need more effort. 

These benefits are a sure way to advocate that every business and marketing team should invest in an Instagram scheduler. Adublisher is a free Instagram scheduler offering a variety of benefits to entrepreneurs, content creators, influencers, brands, and marketers alike. 

How can you schedule posts on Instagram? 

Posts can be scheduled on Instagram in two easy ways, using the built-in scheduler or with the help of a third-party scheduler like Adublisher. One thing to remember is that you must have a professional account or a creator account to schedule posts on Instagram.

Let’s dive into the detailed process of scheduling posts with native tools.

With mobile.

If you don’t have a professional, first create a professional account or convert your personal account to a professional. 

  • Login to your personal account.
  • Tap on your profile and go to settings. 
  • Scroll down to Account type and tools.
  • Tap on Switch to a professional account.
  • Provide necessary preferences and business details.
  • You have switched to an Instagram professional account. 

To schedule posts on Instagram with mobile,

  • Tap the Create button.
  • Add a visual.
  • Tap on Next and edit the graphic if required.
  • Again, tap on Next and move on to adding captions and hashtags. 
  • Tap on Advanced Settings
  • Go to the Schedule post.
  • Add the time and date and share your post. 

Instagram scheduler

With a desktop. 

The process of converting to a professional account is the same as it was on mobile. To schedule content, 

  • Login to your Met Business Suite
  • Go to Planner from the side menu bar. 
  • Click on the Create button. 
  • Select your Instagram business account from post to. 
  • Enter a catchy caption.
  • Add media. 
  • Scroll down to Scheduling options
  • Enter the best time and date to post. 
  • Click the Schedule button
  • You can see the preview of your post. 

Instagram scheduler

Instagram scheduler

Instagram scheduler

Scheduling posts on Instagram with Adublisher. 

Instagram scheduler

Scheduling posts with Adublisher is easy; go to

  • Click on the Start Free Trial.
  • Create an account. 
  • Login to your dashboard. 
  • Click on the Content Planner from the left menu bar. 
  • Click on the blue Settings.
  • Sync your Instagram account. 
  • Click close. 
  • Enter a caption with hashtags, upload media, and select your Instagram account
  • Again, click the Settings button and enter the desired time in the time slot against your account. 
  • Click Close, and now click Schedule.
  • Your post is scheduled with Adublisher. 

Instagram scheduler

Instagram scheduler

[For a detailed process, check out our blog on “How to schedule posts on Instagram.” ]

Brands can add scheduled posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with Adublisher. Other valuable features include bulk scheduling, RSS Feed, and Google Analytics. 

Instagram scheduler

Tips for scheduling posts on Instagram. 

We have covered every aspect of scheduling content on Instagram. Now it’s time to share some insights and tips to get you started. So, keep on reading. 

Create content beforehand. 

One of the primary benefits of scheduling content with Adublisher is that it saves time. This free time can be used in many productive ways to benefit the overall marketing process. One of these uses is creating content in advance. 

Once your old content is reviewed, approved, and scheduled, you can turn your attention to creating content for your next cycle of posts. Write ideas, brainstorm with your team, share impulsive and frequent suggestions, and filter them to find finer concepts. 

Write a few sample posts based on these concepts, review them again, make some changes, and replace a few words with more viral ones. Once your copy is created, pass it on to the creative team for visuals. 

Offering content in advance gives the creative team ample time to generate better designs and visuals. They can think openly and create better multiple options. Combine your copy with the visual and finalize a simple post. 

Harness Hashtags. 

Hashtags are the easiest way to get more visibility on Instagram as the social media platform is pro hashtags, unlike Facebook. Instagram allows 30 hashtags for feed posts and 10 hashtags for stories

It’s not necessary to use all 30 hashtags; it can hurt your posts. Hashtags are a powerful tool that can backfire. Suppose you use the wrong hashtag or the ones with a high volume. Your post can get lost in the crowd. Similarly, using no or very low-volume hashtags will also hurt your organic reach. 

According to our research, the internet suggests adding 10 hashtags as the ideal number. The best practice is adding a few high-volume hashtags, a mixture of low volume, and a couple of branded hashtags. 

Find the optimal time to post. 

There is just too much data for users to consume. People follow a lot of accounts and have hundreds of friends constantly posting something. The algorithm also promotes content from friends and followings. To keep all of these at bay, it’s essential to time your posts perfectly. 

Brands and marketers can use past performances and research the best times to post according to their target audience and time zones. Instagram-timed posts are more likely to get better views and engagements than random ones. For an idea, check out the Instagram peak time heat chart from SproutSocial

Instagram scheduler

The consistency of posts must be kept in mind. Number of posts varies for every user. According to the audience preferences, popular brands should post less content, and the smaller and new brands should post more content. On average, marketers should post at least a couple of posts daily. 

Use stories and reels. 

Instagram reels are the most popular and favored type of content among users. Reels are followed by stories and then feed posts. It’s essential to spend some extra thought on adding stories regularly— a minimum of two daily

You don’t need to create new content for stories; just point to your feed or Reel by sharing it in the story. Some other forms of interactive content are poles, quizzes, swipe-ups, and shoppable stories. 

Instagram scheduler

Reels are the best way to convey your message concisely and effectively. So, move past the traditional feed posts and focus on stories and Reels. 


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