How Can Content Marketing Boost Your Business?

Content is a very versatile word encompassing many types and approaches, but the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word content is a blog or an article.  Content marketing conventionally was …

Content is a very versatile word encompassing many types and approaches, but the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word content is a blog or an article. 

Content marketing conventionally was limited to blogs but now entails many variables, but the king of content is still the same. This marketing technique is an inevitable necessity of every modern business. 

Whether you focus on creating good quality content or opt for a more innovative approach to marketing content with Adublisher or other social media management tools for more audience, content marketing works at the core of the operations. 

Many emphasize content marketing due to its sustainability, long-lasting effects, cost-effectiveness, and primarily because it produces results. Ergo, 97% of businesses invest in content marketing for better prospects. 

(Data Source Semrush)

Not just businesses, but 80% of marketers consider content marketing a paramount aspect of their strategy. Why? Content marketing is more potent than ads because people are more informed and dislike being inundated with ads,

Problem-solving is the key to success, and content marketing is the fastest way to make people’s life easy with quality informative content helping them solve their problems. 

How can Content Marketing boost Businesses?

This blog focuses on helping you understand why your competitors and successful businesses are investing in content marketing and what you still need to include.

Develop Independent Authority

Social media is the go-to platform for young marketers and startups to create brand value and authority. No one can deny the importance of social media in marketing, but the best way to develop authority is by implementing effective content marketing. 

Developing brand authority is fixed at the core of content marketing operations. It is a more sustainable and reliable way to market your content than social media. According to Julia McCoy, the president of Content at Scale, publishing content on social media is like developing authority on rented land.

That is a very valid point, as you don’t own any social media platform; if they decide you are going against their guidelines or get some issue in their operations, all of your efforts would be in vain. 

Building on the points mentioned above, our approach is slightly different; we strongly believe in the power and potential of content marketing but also advocate marketing content on social media for even better results. 

Independent authority is more reliable, durable, and less volatile. Focus on creating quality content and publishing a fusion of different mediums, like images and videos, with your text. Similarly, market your content with SEO for search engines and across social media platforms. 

Nurture Trust and Loyalty. 

Developing a trustworthy and loyalty-based relationship with your clients and prospects is the holy grail of successful businesses. What other way than to nurture this trust with content marketing? 

Establish yourself as an industry expert by answering questions and solving problems related to your field. Do the math; if you offer free advice and tips to people aiding them in difficult situations, you get in their good books. This will allow you to influence their decisions. 

(Data Source ContentMarketingInstitute)

70% of customers prefer reading an article about a product rather than seeing an ad. An example would be if someone looking for gardening guidelines comes across your blog, “Beginner’s Guide for Gardening.” 

They read your content; you can subtly mention your products or services in the blog and entice them with a properly placed CTA button. 

Depending on the benefits they read, the user might think he needs that product, or he decides, it’s better to leave it to professionals and call your company for their gardening needs. You solved their problems and earned a loyal customer with your compelling content marketing.  

Another benefit of content marketing is that it allows you to interact better with your customers by answering their concerns in your blogs and articles. This leads to positive associations and a good brand reputation. 

Therefore, publishing relevant and good-quality content targeted at your audience for peak results is crucial. 

Brings better leads

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate leads, and content marketing brings the ideal leads. Ideal leads mean bringing informed prospects to your virtual presence, a blog site, or an ecommerce store. 

If someone is reading your content, it means either they have analyzed their problem and are looking for a solution, or they know you as the industry leader and are looking for some guidelines. 

Both situations involve them being informed, allowing you to skip the first stage of the conversion—awareness—and proceed to guide them with your content to achieve a conversion.

Keywords are vital in generating relevant leads because relevant keywords create relevant content, which ultimately fosters appropriate and informed leads. A water theme park or a public swimming pool can benefit from using this technique. 

People might not be looking for theme parks online, but they might be looking to “beat the heat,” “have fun,” “relax,” “family fun destinations,” and “places to visit this summer.” A website with an article “5 best places to visit this summer for fun” or “Ways to beat the heat,” etc., can catch their eye, especially if you are ranked higher on Google. 

Remember, attractively designed and appropriately placed CTAs in a blog play a crucial part in getting the conversion by enticing the reader. 

Get more eyes on your website

As we mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal of marketing is generating leads; the ultimate goal of content marketing is getting your ranking higher in SERPs to foster the said leads. In the second decade of the 21st century, people, who are more informed and educated, prefer to avoid being bombarded with ads.

Consequently, organically ranked content has a 39.6% click-through rate (CTR) than sponsored or paid content when searching for something online, especially on Google. The same approach is being implemented in social media platforms. 

Social media are upgrading algorithms to promote generic posts instead of ads. This is due to the radical trend of people using social media platforms for socializing. Google works similarly because sponsored content’s CTR is a marginal 2% compared to organic content. 

Innovative businesses maximize their success by using SEO-optimized content marketing and social media reach to carve out a maximum audience of 5.18 billion Internet users. Thus, publish high-quality content with best SEO practices for better results and market content with Adublisher on social media for optimal organic reach. 

Better conversions and Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Google is the titan of the search market, with a mind-blowing 93.12% of all the search queries being carried out using its search engine. It’s only logical to get in the good books of Google. 

(Data Source Oberlo)

Getting in the good books of Google starts with indexing your website in Google. Content marketing can get 434% more indexed pages on Google— more indexes mean more reach, leading to better conversions. 

Keep your head in the game and post high-quality targeted content delivering solutions and information to your customers and prospects. If your content is good, even if I don’t buy from you, the chances are that I would recommend you to someone— a non-tangible prospective conversion. 

Market Content with Adublisher

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Use innovation and technology in your content, don’t just stick to the old long blogs; add captivating images and informative videos with attractive thumbnails in your content. Blogs with videos get 83% more traffic than those without images and videos.

Market Content with Adublisher

(Image Source Semrush)

Capitalize on the trust built with quality regular content, influence your authority, guide the visitor with your engaging content, and lead them to a conversion— ultimately yielding ROIs. 

Market Content with Adublisher. 

Market Content with Adublisher

Just as the fusion of content types— text, images, videos, infographics, embedded links— is essential for better conversions, multiple marketing channels are also a critical aspect of the success of a content marketing strategy. 

Adublisher is a market-tested and verified social media management tool offering a handful of ways for marketers and businesses to market content. You can market content with Adublisher by scheduling RSS Feed on social media for manual and auto-posting your content for optimal organic reach. 

Market Content with Adublisher

Scheduling RSS Feed at peak hours increases your chances of getting to the feed of your readers and potential customers. Moreover, you can schedule posts on social media sharing your experiences, news, and ideas you are working on, promoting events and offers, and analyzing your performances. 

Market Content with Adublisher

Engage your audience and market content with Adublisher economically without breaking the bank and multiply your chances of success. 

Content Marketing is Cost-Effective

This might be shocking for some people, but content marketing is cost-effective, considering the long-term benefits. Ads might look prudent, but since they are not getting any results, these low costs accumulate a lot of money. 

Ad blockers are readily available online, allowing people to eradicate ads from their feeds, resulting in investment loss. Although it seems expensive up front, content marketing results in better traction than social media, customer retention, and overall brand value, making it a cost-effective option. 


Content marketing is one of the oldest and the most consistent forms of promoting your brand. Change is inevitable for everything, and content marketing is also evolving, but its core values that make it successful are still intact. 

So, stick to the basics, generate high-quality content with attractive images and videos, solve problems, be innovative and informative, implement best SEO practices, and regularly publish. Be smart and use multiple channels to market content for better results. 

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