How To Make Money With Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing

TheseIntroduction Pinterest is a great platform for finding new gift ideas, DIYs, interior designs, and other plans and concepts.  People don’t just post images and schedule pins with Adublisher on Pinterest for fun. What if I …


Pinterest is a great platform for finding new gift ideas, DIYs, interior designs, and other plans and concepts.  People don’t just post images and schedule pins with Adublisher on Pinterest for fun. What if I tell you you can make a lot of money from the platform? 

That’s right! You can make crazy money with Pinterest if you play your cards right. 

According to Pinterest Business, the social media platform boasts 463 million monthly active users as of 2023. It is the 14th favorite social media platform, with around 1.5% of the total social media population. 

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The percentage of users might look small, but considering the 4.76 billion total users, it will accumulate a big audience. 

Pinterest is a female-dominant social media platform, with more than 60% of its global population with 51% of the workforce being women. 

Women account for most sales worldwide, and since most Pinterest users are women, it’s not a surprise that Pinterest is a goldmine for business. 

If you are just discovering the financial benefits of Pinterest and want a crack at it, continue to read as we unravel the Pinterest Goldmine. 

The best practices of posting on Pinterest. 

Before we start to discover ways of making money with Pinterest, we must be aware of what kind of content works best on the platform. 

Pinterest is a social media platform-search engine. It works with both functionalities as a platform to post images and a search engine to look for new ideas and information. 

When posting on Pinterest, make sure that you are adding high-quality images, videos, and infographics. Pinterest offers complete guidelines and a set of rules for posting media on the platform. 

From an SEO point of view, ensure you have done thorough and precise keyword research. 

Write a compelling post with target keywords in the title and pin description. Keep your audience in mind when naming your Pinterest boards and adding your profile descriptions, as they will play a key role in defining the correct audience for your pins. 

Insights like using “New” in the overlay text are a guaranteed visitor magnet for your pins. Utilize tips and tricks while pinning your images and gain more views. 

All pins are not created equal, period! Make sure that you filter out your high-performing pins and focus your resources on them. Leverage the business insights of Pinterest Business Hub to plan and strategize effectively. 

Plan ahead of the competition by scheduling pins on Pinterest boards. You can create, publish, and schedule posts on Pinterest with

(A complete guide to Schedule posts with Adublisher.)

Be bold while posting a lot of pins. Use multiple pins for a single post. Implement different visualization tactics to attract visitors with long and short images, GIFs, videos, and animations. 

Excite the user to become a part of your audience and help you make money. 

We have established what to Pin on Pinterest. Now we move on to how to use these pins for our benefit. 

How to make money with Pinterest?

According to Pinterest, 45% of their users have a household income of over $100,000, and most female users on the platform make Pinterest a very lucrative platform for marketers.

If you are a business, a blogger, or a marketing executive, Pinterest has a few tricks up its sleeve that can help you make some hard cash. 

Join an Affiliate Program for a steady income. 

We have established that Pinterest is a search engine that hundreds of millions of people prefer to find new ideas and solutions. This makes Pinterest a great fit for an affiliate marketing program. 

Pinterest is an affiliate-friendly platform encouraging people to avoid cloaking their links with or Pretty Links. Post the long link of your website, helping the visitor understand where they are being led without any surprises. 

No cloaking policy of the platform allows the marketer to introduce its product properly and helps the visitor understand where he is being directed, creating a sense of trust. 

Most of the users on Pinterest have buying prowess, unlike other social media platforms where most users visit for fun and recreation. 

75% of the Pinterest audience is always shopping, a positive indicator for affiliate programs. 

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(data source Hootsuite)

Pay special attention when creating a pin for your Pinterest board, write a compelling SEO-optimized description and title, use high-quality media, be authentic, relate with your audience, and you can definitely “pin high profits. “

Pinterest has a clear set of rules for the affiliate marketing program in Pinterest Community Guidelines; make sure that you are in compliance with these rules as well as FTC Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Only one account is allowed for affiliate marketing, don’t use multiple accounts for affiliate links. 

Pinterest Ads: spend money to make money. 

Pinterest ads and businesses— especially health and beauty, interior design, and sports— are a match made in heaven.  ads are a productive way for businesses to create brand awareness and sell their products. 

Organic searches are a good audience source, but sometimes you need a push to increase your sales. According to WeAreSocial, Pinterest ads can reach up to 249.7 million people. 

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Consider using ads to promote your products and pins. Ad pins are no different from regular pins and are conveniently placed in your target audience’s feed, increasing your engagement. 

Pinterest ads are a great way to bring more traffic to your ecommerce business or blog or to increase the audience of your affiliate marketing pin. 

Furthermore, Pinterest offers shopping ads where you can pin products from your catalog, these ads are placed in visitors’ search results and feeds, maximizing ROIs. 

Augmented Reality: the future of shopping. 

Pinterest has rolled out a unique “Try On “ feature for home decor businesses. When businesses place an ad on the platform, you can use this AR feature to check how it would look in your home. 

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For example, you are looking to buy a sofa or a chair for your living room, but you are not sure how it would look in your home; using the AR feature of Pinterest, you can see how it would look in your living room in real-time. 

The “Try On” feature from Pinterest has increased the sales of interior design businesses exponentially. Pinterest says that pinners are five times more likely to buy from pins with the “Try On” feature. 

Blog Friendly: Grow your blog audience.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone that blogs must have good engaging visuals to occupy readers. These images can be used to drive traffic to your blog. 

According to Pinterest, 85% of people come to the platform to find new ideas before starting a project or to get information. Bloggers can cash in on this opportunity and drive traffic to their websites. 

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Whether you sell products as part of an affiliate program or want to educate people and create a community, Pinterest is an easy way to achieve that. 

SEO on Google is a very time-consuming and complex endeavor, whereas Pinterest is simple and convenient. 

Schedule Pins With Adublisher on Pintrest with RSS Feed.

You can schedule your RSS Feed on Pinterest with, making the process even easier. Adublisher will auto-post your blogs on Pinterest and help you make money. 

Scheduling RSS Feed with Adublisher allows the user to post their new blogs and ideas on Pinterest without moving back and forth between the websites. 

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Schedule Pin on Pinterest

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(Schedule pins on Pinterest with, a complete guide.)

Shoppable Pins: Converting visitors to Customers. 

Customer convenience is the biggest factor in the e-commerce industry to date. The easier the process is, the higher the sales are. 

Posting pins on Pinterest with product tags helps people make instant buying decisions. Leverage the impulsive shopping behavior of pinners by adding attractive images of products with product tags and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Product pins are another way for online businesses to make fast cash. Online sellers list pins with their products from the catalog, attracting shoppers. 

To use the shoppable pins on Pinterest, one must be a Verified Merchant on Pinterest.

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Checkout with Pinterest is another tool offered by the platform for people to make a purchase without leaving the sight. Merchants can use this option and create multiple checkouts for their products. 

Sponsored Ads: Partner with Brands.

Social media influencers are helping brands make many sales quickly. This is true for Pinners as well. If you have enough followers on Pinterest, you can partner with brands and make progressive income. 

Pinterest is one of the top three go to platforms for people to look for new brands and recommendations.

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More than 85% of pinners also use Instagram; if you opt for an omnichannel strategy, you can make heaps of money by combining the audience of both platforms. 

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Partner pins on Pinterest require verification from both parties. Influencers will write a post, add an image, and tag the brand using a paid partnership label; the brand will then approve the pin. 

Once approved, your pins will be posted on your board and the brand’s board as well. 

Join the Pinterest Creator Fund Program. 

In 2021, Pinterest started a thoughtful initiative to promote cultural diversity titled Creator Fund. 

Pinterest started Creator Fund to encourage underrepresented factors of society like Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. 

It is a five-week-long educational program where the members can benefit from the platform insights, learn how to create Pins that work, and get potential brand sponsorships. 

Pinterest said that the members that participated in the program saw ” 2.9 times more idea pin impressions and 72% more monthly viewers”. In addition, creator fund members are paid $25,000 in cash and ad credits. 

The fund cycle is changed every quarter, and a new theme is introduced, and the members post about it. Creators must be US-underrepresented citizens to qualify for this program. 


Pinterest is a visual search engine, and the rapid pace of life is quickly— turning away from traditional text searches to images and audio— making Pinterest a must-have for successful businesses. 

If you are a business entity or just a blogger, if you take good photographs, or are a professional graphics designer, Pinterest can be a sure way for you to start a constant stream of revenue. 


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