Maximizing Audience Engagement: Interactive Content Ideas for Social Media

Content is evolving rapidly thanks to the extensive amount of data published online, feuling an extremely competitive environment. A colossal amount of content in various forms of blogs, social media posts, images, videos, and infographics …

Content is evolving rapidly thanks to the extensive amount of data published online, feuling an extremely competitive environment. A colossal amount of content in various forms of blogs, social media posts, images, videos, and infographics is being uploaded online through social media marketing tools and other means. 

Adding fuel to the fire, social media platforms and search engines are aiding the processes by updating the algorithms regularly, resulting in low engagements and organic reach. You can no longer buy your way to the top with paid posts, as their engagement is even lower because people ignore and look over them. 

Moreover, the paid model was suitable for corporations spending millions on ad campaigns and digital marketing. What about the smaller fish? Vast amounts of content, social media platform algorithms, low budgets, and low-paid engagements paved the way for interactive and creative content. 

Interactive content is the fastest way to rank your websites and gain maximum organic reach on social media because it works; data and analysis show that interactive content works. 

Interactive content published regularly and effectively with content marketing tools for agility and productive workflow is guaranteed to bring results. 

This blog is a comprehensive guide to help you create interactive content that nurtures engagement. 

What is interactive content, and why is it important?

Social media is all about engagements, and every business invests in social media marketing to get engagements and conversions. Interactive posts can help marketers achieve this goal without breaking the bank. 

Interactive content has a 66% more conversion rate on average than static content. Social media engagements translate to liking, sharing, commenting, and clicking on the referral links in the post or the profile bio if you use Instagram. 

As for the question of why it is important, Why not?

For a long time, it was thought that more reach meant more engagements but not anymore. 

More reach may or may not result in high engagements, but high engagements will bring more reach and, ultimately, more conversions and ROIs. 

Nurture Engagements 

Humans are social animals with an innate desire to socialize and share their thoughts with their group. Interactive posts tap into this intuitive ability by intriguing them, enticing curiosity, and their competitive nature. 

Get Ranked 

Social media and search engine algorithms promote generic content where people engage regularly. Get more visibility and higher ranking with interactive content. 

Brand Awareness 

Stand out from the crowd by engaging viewers and creating a reminiscing effect. Scroll-stopping posts where people spend time and effort will make a positive impression in their minds. 93% of marketers say interactive content is better at educating people. 

Customer Retention 

Assert your authority in the industry by asking and answering responsive questions and providing necessary information in a fun way. 

Actionable Data 

Analyze the data and response from your viewers and consumers, use analytical insights from the social media marketing tools like Adublisher, and see what content works. Bring actionable data to drive insightful strategies for optimal results. 

Positive Branding 

Asking about the current matter and pressing concerns of society and offering your thoughts creates a positive image of your brand. Positive branding goes a long way in creating a loyal consumer base and social media society of like-minded individuals. 

Ideas for creating Interactive Social Media Posts. 


Polls are the most popular interactive content shared across all major social media platforms. Leading platforms Facebook, Instagram, etc., support and promote this content. 

Social media managers and product specialists use spontaneous polls to gather market insights and build strategies on this data. Unlike surveys, when creating a poll, use exciting topics to make the process fun and entertaining for the participants. 

It’s essential to balance staying relevant and occasionally switching to a more general approach. 

  • What food do they like on Friday or when watching a game?
  • What is their favorite hotel to dine in or favorite vacation destination?
  • Create branding polls; which one of the following products from our brand is your favorite? 
  • What do you think is the standout feature or benefit of the product?
  • Ask for insights about what to post next.
  • Who to collaborate with in the following video or live session?

Sports polls are another way of getting passionate sports fans to share their thoughts and show their enthusiasm for their team. Talk about the trending topics about who will win the local elections and who you are voting for; keeping things neutral is the key. 


People might not like surprise quizzes in schools and colleges, but they love to jump into online quizzes. Tapping into the competitive nature of viewers is a sure way to get engagement on your posts. 

It’s easy to create quizzes in posts and stories on social media platforms to ask entertaining questions tickling their whimsical senses, like “Who is better, kaiyote or bugs bunny” just for fun. But you can also ask questions about your products, what should we improve, which product are you buying next, what should we work on in the future, and so on. 

These questions can help you understand the impact of your product in the market and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can march your troops in a better position to conquer the market if you know what questions to ask. 

Test your questions and brainstorm ideas before posting on social media. Keep a harmonious brand image with a mix of fun and professionalism. 


Spice up your social media feed with challenges. Instigate the strategy by participating in viral challenges for exposure and sliding in a challenge of your own for your audience. Create challenges that resonate with your brand and ask them to share their videos with your curated hashtag. 

When creating a challenge, don’t go overboard by creating dangerous and ridiculous challenges. It’s essential to keep things professional and safe. Here are a few challenges that you can post.

  • Post the first picture taken today.
  • Share a meme about something.
  • Try a recipe.
  • Sing a song for someone.
  • Tell a joke and tag you in the video.
  • Gift someone something unique and record their reaction.

Create a chain of posts by asking your viewers to post the video of challenges with your designated hashtag and mention your friends in the video and tag their social media accounts in the caption. This will create a string of fun videos making your hashtag viral and bringing engagement and reach to your brand. 

Live Q&A sessions

Going live is another popular trend among social media users and influencers. It’s a potent way to interact with your fans and like-minded audience, creating a community. Bridge the gap between consumers and brands by engaging directly with your audience. 

Live sessions are vital because they create a sense of relativity with your audience. These sessions help them ask simple yet intriguing questions about the brand, the products, your lifestyle, etc. 

Break down the barriers and share your experiences, why you are going live today, and how your mood is; ask them questions, answer their questions, and open a two-way street of interaction with your viewers. 

From a branding point of view, you can showcase new products if you collaborate with other brands, do an unboxing of something you bought, and show them how to use the product correctly. If you are a beauty brand, go live and give makeup tutorials using your products, and add shopping tags in your live feed. 

Promoting your live sessions can alleviate the number of viewers. For effective marketing, create a calendar of your posts and social media activities and leverage the social media scheduler to post promotional content about your live sessions. 

To maximize your audience, promote when you go live across different channels, and make a habit of going live on every social media presence you have. 

Social media live sessions are no longer limited to boring activities and cluttering sounds; if you know how to use them, you can maximize your conversions and ROIs. 


Here is an exciting post idea that can be reused. Calculators are unique posts allowing viewers to interact with the brand posts by calculating different measurements. 

Calculators are not a common type of interactive content, as not all brands can use them. But if you can offer a calculator for your product, make sure that you post about them and engage your customers and other prospects. 

To incorporate calculators in your social media posts, create a landing page for your calculator. Now share it across the social media platforms with a post scheduler as recurring content with a creative caption, an attractive image, and a link to the landing page. 

Brands selling eyewear, lingerie, footwear, and other ecommerce businesses offer calculators to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. 

Voice your opinion. 

Keep a keen eye on the current affairs and trends related to your industry. Post these issues and give your opinion about them as your social responsibility. People will react positively if you show concern for their problems. 

There are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration before giving your opinion. You can either stay in the positive lane or give a controversial thought. They may not rest easy with the majority. Controversial views rise quickly, but they only last for a short time and negatively impact your brand. 

It is essential to ponder hard on what you will say as there is a gray area that must be kept in check. 

Things to consider when creating interactive content. 

Knowing what to create and how to create it are two different things. Interactive content is used to spice up your social media feed. You might not get the desired results if you start irrelevant posts or miss the key features of what makes a post interactive. 

Spice up your content in the perfect balance by using these techniques. 

Analyze The market

A lot of thought process is involved in creating a post that works best. The first step of the process is to analyze your market and see who your audience is, what they interact with, what your competitors are posting, and where you can create a space for your content. 

Social media is an always live and evolving industry; it’s pivotal for your success to monitor current trends in the market. Look out for your old posts with good engagements for ideas using social media management tools like Adublisher.

Look out for what the influencers in your industry are talking about, and be aware of the overall social trends in your vicinity. 

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful weapon in social media; a great way for people to find your brand. Research relative hashtags for your posts and incorporate your branded hashtags with them. 

It’s crucial that you use hashtags as indicators, not as entire captions. Every social media platform feels differently about hashtags; for instance, they are great for Instagram and LinkedIn but not for Facebook. 

Make sure you use the right hashtags for the right purpose on the right platform for desired results and engagements. 

Schedule posts

Researching the market and creating content are very time-consuming tasks. Social media marketing tools like Adublisher offer post schedulers to help you manage the load. 

Social media schedulers allow marketers to schedule posts in advance, freeing up space for engaging with the currently published content. You can reply to your consumers, interact with them in comments, and respond to their inquiries. 

Benefit from the analytical data to create a data-driven game plan targeted at your audience, offering a more personalized touch. 

Recurring content. 

Interactive content doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. If you have a prolonged form of successful content like a blog, it can be broken down into social media posts. 

Although you can post the entire blog as it is, you might not get the optimal results. Instead, you can create images from the data in your blog, make a video about the topic in your blog, or add infographics on Pinterest. 

You can add these visuals to your blog for better conversions and more traffic, as visually supplemented blogs have higher viewership. 


Social media is getting denser and denser with time, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd with interactive posts. Research your market, create compelling and fun content, use hashtags, participate in trends, ask questions, and keep your audience on their toes. Stay in their feed with your content, and you will get optimal results. 


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