Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram: Navigating Social Media Scheduling for Multiple Platforms

Having a lot of choices is good, but sometimes good things can backfire as well, just like the liberty of having several social media accounts. For a consumer, having Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts is …

Having a lot of choices is good, but sometimes good things can backfire as well, just like the liberty of having several social media accounts. For a consumer, having Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts is fun. But things get messy for marketing teams managing multiple corporate social media accounts. 

Managing multiple social media accounts for businesses is a common problem for all businesses— small businesses and large corporations. Small businesses have a lot on their plate, with few people doing more than they can properly comprehend. Limited budgets just cramp things even more. 

Large corporations have budget and marketing teams, but they manage way more social media accounts. A marketing agency offering social media management services to companies with tens of accounts to maintain and publish content. Every business has unique requirements, brand image, and even from different industries. 

Moreover, small businesses start their social media marketing with a single account across multiple social media accounts. Enterprise-level organizations have multiple social media handles for promotions, customer services, and personal accounts of CEOs. Social media scheduling tools like Adublisher can help in this regard. 

Social media scheduling

This means you are creating content for a new agency, a construction contractor, and a stand-up comedian simultaneously. Imagine a mishap in this rainbow mixture of clients. The worst a small business can do is miss a post or forget to reply, but the stakes are higher for large corporations. 

If you find yourself in this mix, before you start to lose your wits, read this blog and see how you can manage social media accounts with content curation and social media scheduling. 

Why do you need multiple social media accounts? 

The first logical question that comes to mind is why I need multiple social media accounts. Well, social media is the fastest, most economical, and most effective way of reaching consumer and prospective audiences. But a single social media user has at least 6 different social media accounts. 

Social media scheduling

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Thus, the logical approach is to reach them on all platforms. The rule of 7 in marketing states that a consumer sees a post at least 7 times to make a buying decision in your favor. Posting a single post seven times on a single social media platform can disgruntle the consumer, and you can lose your customer quickly. 

Users react differently to each social media. Twitter is a common platform for people to get the latest news. Facebook is a great tool for brand awareness and advertising. Instagram is where people research brands and look for new products— great for social commerce. Pinterest is a visual search engine and the first place for pinners to go for ideas and inspirations for their new projects. 

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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform, and people tend to lean towards YouTube for tutorial videos and music. On the other hand, TikTok is a short-form video platform where people choose to see fun and entertaining videos. LinkedIn is the first place for professionals and companies for hiring and job opportunities, along with corporate connections. 

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media is a rainbow of platforms displaying diversity. Users respect these unique attributes and use each social media platform differently. Although the main purpose is socializing, can you share the same thoughts with your corporate superiors and family? No! I thought so, too. 

Primarily, for this reason, companies have multiple social media accounts, and this is what makes the job of managers and content creators tough. It’s a very complex process to curate content with the same message but in a completely different tone and format. 

How much is too much?

How many social media presences does a business need to properly capture their audience? There is no right answer to this question. It’s dependent on your business and prospective consumers. Managers need to finalize their end goals and create an ideal customer persona to ensure which social media platform is enough for them. 

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As mentioned above, different social media platforms attract different personalities. Based on these premises, create a mix of social media presences with a single social media platform at the core of your operations. Create content according to the star-performing network and make minor adjustments for the rest of the accounts. 

How can you manage multiple social media platforms productively? 

Whether you are a one-man-army or a social media marketing team, sometimes you come up short when managing multiple professional presences along with personal accounts. Don’t worry; we have great suggestions and pointers for you in this blog, so grab a cup of coffee and read on. 

Share the burden with social media scheduling tools like Adublisher

Social media management is a detailed and volatile subject ranging from pure creativity in writing and designing to the sheer grunt work of publishing posts across networks. The intelligent way to handle things is sharing the repetitive and heavy lifting to a robust social media scheduling tool like Adublisher. 

Social media scheduling

What is the benefit of creating compelling content and not being able to make an impact just because you missed the right time? Social media schedulers allow you to schedule content and forget about missing the right times and crucial events. While you are focusing on more concerning tasks, Adublisher is posting your content consistently across all of your social media accounts. 

In addition to that, you can schedule your blogs automatically without logging into your accounts every time. Just sync your account with Adublisher, put in the feed code from your blog site, set the time, choose the platforms, and voila, your content will automatically post. You can also opt for the manual process if you like. 

Social media scheduling

Markets can schedule bulk posts with the post scheduler and stop worrying for weeks or even months. Google Analytics of Adublisher provides a comprehensive performance report of your past publications. Businesses can take a wholesome advantage of the tool for better growth. 

Social media scheduling

Besides Adublisher, some very good social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are available in the market. Check out which is best for you and get started, although we are confident you will not get a better deal than Adublisher anywhere. 

Bring in innovation. 

The most significant advantage of technology and innovation is its ability to make things easy for humans. Digital marketing is a long way from static ads and bland social media posts. Astute marketers and businesses are using marketing softwares and AI-powered tools to get more in less time. 

As we highlighted the benefits of using a social media scheduling tool, there are some other weapons in a social media manager’s arsenal. Content creation is the most difficult and crucial facet of every marketing campaign. Writer’s block, repetition, cold leads, and many other issues make it even more challenging. AI content-creating tools are a great fit for SMBs and marketing teams. 

You can write captions and entire blogs with tools like Jasper, Bing AI, ChatGPT, etc. The best practice in this regard is to get ideas and inspiration from these tools and curate content in a human tone. Human-generated content is preferred by algorithms and users alike. 

Another benefit of AI tools is creating captivating graphics for social media posts. Users can create images and videos from text and other images. Tools like Canva, Pictory, Midjourney, and Microsoft AI designer are some of the best and easy to use softwares to generate immersing photos and videos. 

Quality always wins over quantity. 

The more social media presence you have, the more content you have to post on these accounts to keep a consistent appearance. A common mistake novice marketers make is posting a lot of content without planning. 

Creating a sizable amount of data for posting requires time and resources. Moreover, posting too much promotional content or too many irrelevant memes and funny videos can harm your marketing efforts. To avoid these problems and save precious time, the marketing experts suggest using a few well-written and optimized posts targeted at the right audience. 

To make the most of your marketing efforts, create compelling content in small amounts, add mesmerizing graphics, and post at the right time. The last part— posting at the right time— is the most tricky and pivotal to the success of your content. 

Social media scheduling

To get the full picture, perform thorough market research encompassing user behavior, competitors, and market trend analysis. Find out the post consistency and the appropriate time— when your audience is active— to publish content. In this way, you can get optimal results by publishing a limited yet effective amount of posts. 

Bring variation to your posts. 

When it comes to social media posts, you don’t have to create all the content from scratch. Once you have scheduled your social media posts with Adublisher, you have a lot of free time on your hands. Use this time to see which of the social media posts from others align with your goals. 

Social media scheduling

You can share these posts on your social media accounts with your own thoughts about the topic. Using your branded hashtags and mentioning appropriate people in the posts can reach a lot more audiences. 

User-generated content, UGC, is a powerful motivator for social consumers. You can motivate your audience to create content for you and just promote it. It will create more buzz than original content and nurture word-of-mouth marketing. 

Collaborate with others. 

Influencer marketing has made strides in recent years. People follow a lot of content creators and influencers on social media platforms, especially Instagram. To further solidify the argument, 92% of marketers say that influencer marketing is effective for businesses. 

With a limited budget, you must consider how a small business can utilize influencer marketing. The answer is micro-influencers. They generate 60% more leads and cost very little as compared to macro and mega influencers. 

Apart from influencer marketing, you can simply collaborate with like-minded brands and social media accounts. Invite them as guests or go live with them. You can share these updates on your social media accounts and pick small points that can be posted separately. 

In a n]utshell, these two points, you need to worry about creating only one-third of the entire posting content. We have a complete blog on a content strategy that can help you better understand.[Crafting Winning Content].

Focus on social engagements. 

Businesses and companies use social media for corporate purposes, but the general population still primarily uses it for old-fashioned socializing. That is the reason why every successful marketer would advise you to pay special attention to socializing. 

Companies are investing in AI chatbots for rapid response, but people still prefer a human touch when it comes to their issues. By scheduling content and automating several other aspects of marketing, marketers should use the free time to focus on socializing with the audience.

Reply to them in the comment section, answer their inquiries, indulge in group chats, and try to stay as active as possible. Social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer offer unified messaging features, allowing brands to reply from a single dashboard. 

Showing social responsibility by raising your voice about common concerns is also a positive trigger among people. Post about current crises and issues across your social media accounts, and you will see exponential growth. 

Keep track of things.

We know that even with all of these suggestions and tips, you will still have both your hands full. But it’s essential that once you have scheduled posts, collaborated with brands, and replied to your audience, it’s time to see the results of these efforts. 

Constantly keep tabs on where you are going with your social media strategy. How much closer or farther are you from end goals? If you are not measuring your progress, why spend so much time and effort creating content in the first place? So, regularly analyze your social media growth for better understanding and future planning. 


To summarize everything, social media management requires a lot of hard work and time. It gets even more tough when managing multiple social media accounts. We have shared some excellent tips for you in this blog, including, 

  • Using Adublisher,
  • Automating grunt work,
  • Creating quality content,
  • Harnessing AI tools,
  • Variety in content,
  • Encouraging socializing,
  • And keeping track of performances. 

These are not the ultimate guide to success but a sure way to put you on the right track to success. For more social media insights and tips, check out []

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