Maximizing Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Tips for growth.

Pinterest is the go-to inspirational guru or social media platform for hundreds of millions globally. The platform’s social media growth indicates how much visual content means in digital marketing.  If you use social media regularly, …

Pinterest is the go-to inspirational guru or social media platform for hundreds of millions globally. The platform’s social media growth indicates how much visual content means in digital marketing. 

If you use social media regularly, it’s hard to believe you haven’t utilized the social media network for new ideas and inspirations for your new project. Pinterest boosts a loyal audience base, with people visiting the platform multiple times weekly for ideas. 

Although the visual social media platform does not have many monthly active users compared to Facebook or Instagram, the pinners are loyal to their platform. 

The Few, The Loyal! 

More and more businesses are directing their attention and resources to Pinterest marketing, and rightly so. Pinterest is among the fastest-growing social media platforms, with 465 million monthly active users. It’s the 15th most favorite social media platform globally

If you haven’t added Pinterest to your digital marketing strategy, you are missing a lot. With the rise of visual marketing and short videos, now is the best time to invest in Pinterest Strategy. 

Feeling iffy and wanting to learn more about Pinterest marketing, this blog will help you clear all doubt and help and motivate you to devise a strategy that yields good results. 

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a set of practices and tactics social media marketers use to create brand awareness and bring traffic to their websites. Pinterest’s strategy consists of multiple techniques using social media management tools like Adublisher, visual content, keyword research, SEO, and other methods. 

The visually vibrant social media channel Pinterest receives 1 billion website visits monthly. 85% of Pinterest users use the platform to start a new project. The liveliness of the forum and millions of colorful ideas are an excellent fix for your mood. 

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in the modern digital world, and Pinterest has cracked this code. 80% of the people using the platform report leaving Pinterest in a good and happy mood. 

All of these factors highlight the importance of an effective Pinterest strategy for the growth of your business. Let’s explore some benefits of using Pinterest marketing for your business. 

What are the benefits of Pinterest Strategy? 

Pinterest benefits are versatile and offer something for brands from every size and industry. The top categories benefiting from Pinterest are Travel, DIY, Fashion, Beauty, and cosmetics. Regardless of your background, if you use the best productive approach, you can enjoy the following benefits. 

Brand Awareness. 

Pinterest has a more concerned and devoted audience, the best people to pitch your products and services and educate them about your brand. This makes the platform an excellent choice for creating long-lasting brand awareness. 

According to Pinterest statistics, 80% of weekly Pinterest users have discovered a new brand or product. Louis Vuitton users reached 3.5 million in just three days, showing the power of brand awareness with proper Pinterest strategy. 

(image credit Pinterest)

Website Traffic.

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is a pro-link social media platform encouraging users to display full 

links in their pins and profiles to divert traffic to their websites. Since Pinterest is the go-to discovery platform for most buyers, it is a potent source to drive traffic to your websites. 

Blogs and ecommerce websites add visually attractive and informative pins on their boards. Pinners consume this data and save it for later use. This is an excellent way to educate consumers about your products and services and direct them to your website. 

Make sure to add website links to every pin posted on Pinterest and invite people to visit your site for more information and details about your company and what you can offer. 

Increase social media growth. 

Pinterest has almost half a billion monthly active users. These users visit the site at least two times every month. Given the intentions and preferences of these users, they can be a great addition to your consumer base. 

Pinterest is a female-dominant platform. The social media platform has 40% YOY growth in males and GenZ pinners and 35% YOY growth in millennial pinners. Female Millennials and GenZ make for the world’s largest and most preferred purchasing demographic. 

(image credit Pinterest)

Pay special attention to creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy to target these facets of the market to get a piece of the cake. 

Create a Pinterest Business Account. 

The process of Pinterest marketing starts with creating a business account. There are two ways to create a business account with Pinterest,

  • Create a new business account 
  • Convert the current personal account to a professional account. 

New business account. 

Creating a Pinterest business account is straightforward, 

  1. hop on to and click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner of the landing page. 

  1. Enter your business email and a secure password. 
  2. Give your date of birth 
  3. Click on the “Create account” red button.
  4. Give the necessary information about your business and click “Next.” 

Convert personal to professional account. 

If you already have a Pinterest account, you can easily convert it to a business account. 

  1. Log in to your account.


  1. Go to the top right corner of the homepage next to your profile image.
  2. Click on the drop-down.

  1. Now, click on the “Convert to Business.” 
  2. Describe your business and click “Next.” 

In both cases, you need to click on “Claim your Accounts” in the setting to connect your website to your Pinterest business account. By clicking on “Claim,” Pinterest will provide an HTML code; this code will be added to the website code to claim the website. 

Maximizing Pinterest Strategy for Business Growth. 

Now that we have covered what Pinterest marketing is, what it can do for you, and how to create a business account, it’s time to share some wisdom on how to get the desired results. 

Create Pinterest Marketing Strategy. 

Pinterest is just like any other social media platform; you need to keep your basics in order and start by creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy. Every successful social media strategy consists of the same basic rules and requirements, starting with setting goals. 

Set clear goals using the SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely). Knowing what you want to achieve from your strategy makes things easier and helps you stay on course. 

After finalizing your end goals, it is crucial to analyze your target audience. Who are the people you want to reach and educate about your company? Having a specific audience in mind helps you create a tone of your message that will positively impact their decisions.  

The third part of Pinterest’s strategy is to analyze competitors. Brands can start by checking their competitors from other social media platforms and market research and, using these parameters, look for new competitors already using the platform. 

This will help you move forward with a game plan that covers every corner and detail of the market you are trying to capture. 

Brand your business profile. 

You have created a business profile; you know what you want; it’s time to brand your profile according to your business. Branded profile helps you stand out from the rest of the profiles, spotlighting your presence on Pinterest. 

For inspiration, check out your other social media presences and ensure that you keep a consistent theme for all your social media profiles. Initiate the process by uploading a profile picture of 165 x 165px

There are a lot of options that can be adopted for Pinterest profile pictures; many businesses use their logo in different ways. Like Nike and The North Face, both brands have logos as their profile pictures. 

The next step is to add a cover photo for your profile. Profile pictures are small and are used for identification, while a cover photo lets you explain the brand image more graphically. You can keep things plain by adding abstract photos as your cover, promoting your new products, and giving an overall idea of your offer. 

Take the examples of Adidas, promoting their summer sportswear, and Inspired by Charm, a lifestyle blog showing a generic image of an elevating living space. 

Once you have created your business profile and added the images, it’s time to complete your bio. Research your niche, filter out keywords, and use those in your bio to ensure you are visible in searches. 

Create a board for your pins to keep things tidy and comprehensible. Add a cover photo for your board and provide a productive description explaining your pins and brand enriched by proper and appropriate keywords. 

Understand the platform and terminologies.

The best way to properly harness the potential of any platform is by familiarizing it with its layout and terminologies. Let’s dig deeper to ensure the positive social growth of your business on Pinterest.

Pinners. Pinners is the term used to refer to Pinterest users. 

Pinterest offers a variety of content types, so it’s important to know what is used for what before we start posting. 

Pins. Just like a tweet is a post on Twitter, a Pin is a post on Pinterest. Pins are posts that contain images along with necessary captions or, in this case, pin descriptions explaining the contents of the image used. 
Video Pins. Video pins are exactly what’s advertised: Pinterest posts with videos. Pinterest prefers short videos, ideally less than 60 seconds. Short videos work better on Pinterest, like most visual social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Brands can repurpose Reels and Stories on Pinterest instead of creating new videos. 
Idea Pins. Idea pins are a more diverse form of pins, allowing multiple media types in a single post. You can add images, videos, GIFs, and other forms of media to your posts. Idea posts are great to tell the whole story of what you are trying to say to people. 
Product pins. Product pins are used explicitly by ecommerce businesses and social commerce profiles to market their products, helping brands make sales. Pinterest allows companies to add images and videos to pitch their products to customers with necessary information and links to nurture ROIs. 
Rich Pins. Rich pins are special pins that connect products directly from websites or catalogs. If you change the product specifications and cost or even the whole product, they will automatically switch on the pin. To incorporate rich pins on your profile, use the code Pinterest gave and embed it with your products. 
Try on Pins. Pinterest offers an AR experience for its users in the form of Try Pins. These pins can be used as any other social media filter, allowing you to test the product’s appearance in real-time. Try on Pins are the most preferred form of content in social media. 

Pinterest Boards

Boards. Boards can be described as a collection of pins like a playlist on Spotify. Brands create boards to track a product’s campaign properly. To promote a product, create a board and post pins to keep things neat. Boards come in different types: Mood boards or standard boards, Group boards shared by many users like a Facebook group, Secret boards to keep things in the planning phase visible to only you, and Protected boards only visible to members. 

Keep track of the current trends. 

Pinterest trends change rapidly. It’s crucial to stay updated about these ever-changing trends to ensure you’re in the game. Researching your market and always focusing on the changing behavior of the audience by analyzing your pin engagements can act as a starting point. 

Social media management tools, like Adublisher, can help you in this regard. Pinterest predictions are also a very effective and accurate tool to help you understand the changing trends of the platform. 

According to Pinterest, 80% of their predictions came true. This means that brands that focused their decision-making on platform insights saw a tremendous increase in their engagements and ROIs. 

(image credit Pinterest)

Use these predictions to determine what phrases and terms will be used in the search. Conduct keyword research and post analysis on these grounds and document your findings for planning a practical data-driven post-campaign bearing fruits. 

SEO-Optimize Pinterest profile. 

Pinterest is a visual social engine millions use to find new ideas and inspirations for their purchases and projects. It would be unwise to look over this and hope for good results. 

Pinterest can be described as an advocate of the underdogs, as 97% of the search results on Pinterest are unbranded. Encouraging small businesses to concentrate on keyword research and making their profile visible with compelling and creative profile info. 

Use proper keywords in pin descriptions, titles, board descriptions, and bio, and add correctly working links in your posts for maximum ranking in search results. It’s essential to balance things and avoid keyword stuffing. These practices end up doing more harm than good. 

How to use Pinterest with Adublisher: Social media management tool. 

Pinterest allows its users to create multiple boards. Brands use this to create separate brands for each product, helping them track their progress. Although progressive, this can be a very time-consuming task. 

Moreover, publishing posts regularly and at the right time is vital for optimal results. Adublisher is a robust social media management tool that can help you do all this and more. 

Businesses can schedule pins on Pinterest with Adublisher to ensure high productivity and even higher reach. You can publish an entire post calendar with Bulk scheduling. Furthermore, 

Adublisher offers the RSS Feed option to post your blogs from websites directly to your business Pinterest account automatically and manually. 


For detailed information about scheduling posts with Adublisher on Pinterest, check out this blog, “How to schedule posts on Pinterest.”


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