Facebook Monetization: How to make money with Facebook?

Introduction Social media is like a self-growing weed, opening branches everywhere. With all of the new social media platforms in the market, Facebook, the industry’s founding father, has decreased slightly.  You couldn’t be more wrong, …


Social media is like a self-growing weed, opening branches everywhere. With all of the new social media platforms in the market, Facebook, the industry’s founding father, has decreased slightly. 

You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend!!!

Facebook is still the reigning defending champion of the social media industry with the most active users. According to the Q3 2022 report published by Meta, the platform boasts more than 2.9 billion active users, almost 37% of the world’s population. 

An average Facebook user spends 19 hours and 43 minutes on the platform monthly, scrolling the feed. If that is not impressive, I don’t know what is.

(image source WeAreSocial)

People are the most expensive commodity in the world after time, and having captured more than a quarter of the world’s population, Facebook is a sea of opportunities. 

There is something for everyone regardless of their niche, age, demographic, profession, capabilities, and so on. 

The real question is how someone new to the platform can leverage its power for a lucrative outcome. 

Worry not; in this playbook of Facebook Monetization, we will see how we can make money with Facebook. 

How to make money with Facebook?

The first thing you need to understand is that Facebook is an always live platform; people worldwide are always using it, and the first tip of the playbook is to always be active with your posts. 

Schedule Posts on Facebook with Adublisher to Engage the Audience.

It’s easy to say “Be active and post regularly” but doing it can be a lethargic and time-consuming task. Thankfully Adublisher can help marketers with that.

Businesses target different facets of audiences from different countries and time zones for higher conversions. Posting for different time zones can be difficult, but you can tackle this problem as you can schedule posts on Facebook with Adublisher

Engage your audience with creative posts and thoughts and know which posts are working by using Google Analytics that comes with Adublisher. 

Posting for different time zones can be difficult, but you can tackle this problem and schedule posts on Facebook with Adublisher. 

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Sales growth with Facebook page.

Social commerce is the fastest-growing trend after the revolutionization of e-commerce. Facebook, the king of the jungle, holds the lion’s share of the expected $1.3 trillion social commerce industry in 2023. 

The main purpose of every business is to make as many sales as possible, and here is how Facebook can help you achieve that.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are the fastest way of making sales. Create your Facebook page and launch your ad campaign; it’s as simple as that. Unlike electronic media, Facebook campaigns start as low as $5. 

Define your audience properly and create an ad that relates to them. You can post many types of ads on Facebook, including Image Ads, Video Ads, Story Ads, Carousel Ads, and a few others. 

These ads have a CTA button to direct visitors to your product page. Find the type of ad that aligns with your niche and make a fortune.

Create a community.

Every business must have a Facebook profile and page. In addition to that, successful businesses create Facebook groups to encourage and combine like-minded people. 

It is vital to constantly stay in touch with your members and share your experiences, insights, news, and fun activities. 

Don’t be all work and no play; people visit Facebook for recreation, and respecting a customer’s attitude is the fastest way of gaining their trust. 

Consider your members your friends and share normal stuff with them, like funny anecdotes, travel experiences, what you are doing, what you are excited about, etcetera. 

Listening is the key.

Reply to your members on your pages and groups and enable the review option for your products. Word of mouth is still the strongest marketing channel, encouraging good reviews and being polite and understanding about the negative ones goes a long way.

Go live with your followers, answer their questions, and interact with them as much as possible. A certified way to keep in touch with your followers is by regularly posting. Schedule posts with Adublisher and always stay in touch even when you are sleeping. 

Build a sense of trust with them, and you will be able to influence their buying decisions. 

Sell with Facebook.

Facebook offers shop options for businesses and individuals; you can use Facebook shops as a CMS and create your online shop on the platform. Direct your followers from your business page and community groups to your shop. 

There are sales groups where people post goods for sale. Small businesses can benefit from this option and post their products as ads, making easy sales. 

Collaborate with Influencers.

Influencers are dominating the social commerce industry with their huge number of followers. Believe it or not, most influencers on social media are not famous artists or celebrities, yet they are steering this ship brilliantly. 

Creating a community and developing a trustworthy relationship with your audience can be difficult and time-consuming. A simple solution is collaborating with an influencer and getting an instant boost. 

Influencers can help you make sales and get followers at the same time. You can benefit from the Meta Brand Collabs Manager for monitoring the progress. 

These options are very good for business; however, how can an individual make money with Facebook? 

Let’s find out.

Check your monetization eligibility. 

The first step of making money with Facebook is to check your monetization eligibility criteria. Go to your Meta Business Suite, and from the side menu, click on the “Monetization” tab. 



If the status is a green circle, you are eligible for monetization. The eligibility criteria are based on three principles,

  • Facebook Community Standards. The founding rules of the platform as no graphical and unsafe content.
  • Partner Monetization Policy. What kind of content do you post, where are you posting from, what payment methods are you using, are you following the Community standards, whether you are a politician or a government, and what kind of people you are connecting with? 
  • Content Monetization Policy. Rules for the content you post on your page, for example, it’s not violent, no static images and videos, no baits and embedded ads, etcetera.

Your number of followers is the most important metric of all, as most monetization features are enabled after 10,000 followers. 

Engage with your followers.

The best way to gain followers and make money with Facebook is by engaging with them regularly. The easiest way of doing so is by posting regularly and posting intelligently. 

Instead of broadcasting your content, like throwing a rock at the apple tree without aiming will mostly leave you hungry. Filter your audience and post according to their peak time; schedule posts on Instagram with Adublisher. 

Facebook is a social platform for people to meet and share their thoughts and ideas. 

This ideology is deeply embedded in the platform’s algorithm, as organic videos and images have a higher engagement ratio than business posts and paid ads. 

(image source WeAreSocial)

Create videos, add images that resonate with people to increase your followers, and then use those numbers to make money. 

Facebook offers challenges for people with many followers, who can earn up to $4000 a month

This is an invite-only feature, and profiles with a large number of followers are likely to be selected. 

In-stream Ads.

It is a no-brainer that if an ad is placed before the video or in the feed, people will skip it, and your efforts will be for nothing. The best way to attract a follower is by posting an ad mid-stream. 

If a viewer is invested in the video, he will most likely be patient to see the ad, even if it means returning to the remaining video. This small window is enough to create a sense of desire in the viewer’s mind. 

The in-stream ad option is only available for profiles with at least 10,000 Facebook followers

Paid Subscriptions and Stars.

The fastest way of making money on God’s green Earth is by solving problems. If you think you are good at something and people can utilize your skills to improve their lives, you can monetize your skillset and make an honest living. 

A paid subscription is a way to charge your visitors in return for exclusive content like a report about something, tips and tricks of sorts, new merchandise, giveaways, or even recipes. 

Facebook profiles with constant and engaging audiences can benefit from this feature and make extra money with stars. Stars are virtual gifts that viewers can send in comments, and the influencer gets paid a cent against a star. 

Paid subscription has its eligibility criteria; you need at least 10,000 followers or 250 return viewers to unlock the feature. Another way to unlock this paid subscription is if you have 180,000 watch minutes or 50,000 post engagements

Offer paid events.

Facebook pages offer paid events like the coverage of a conference, an art festival, a sports game, a video game, or a painting session by a professional painter. 

Create events from your profile and post about them on your pages and in your groups. You can also give the event link in your feeds on Instagram and other social media platforms.

People pay to enjoy these from the comfort of their couches, and you only need your monetization eligibility from Meta Business Suite to create paid events.

Collaborate with businesses and brands.

Collaborate with brands, promote their products on your pages, and make a lot of money. Businesses are always in need of famous influencers that can generate leads for them.

Capitalize on the demand of influencers and industrialize your followers and their trust in you. 

Young influencers with mere a few thousand followers are making a killing by collaborating with local brands. 

(Data source Hubspot)

Use your Facebook knowledge.

If you have spent much time on Facebook and know how to manage a social media profile, you can use this knowledge by becoming a social media manager for celebrities. 

Moreover, social media marketing teams offer handsome salaries for a skilled Facebook account manager that knows what to post and how to increase followers and engagements. 

Schedule RSS Feed for traffic.

Facebook can be a great source for directing traffic to your blog. Brands are collaborating with bloggers left and right to create awareness and educate people about their products. 

The main problem that blogs come across is traffic for their blog sites. Using a good Facebook marketing strategy—by sharing your blog on your Facebook— this problem can be avoided. 

Bloggers can schedule RSS Feed on Facebook with Adublisher allowing them to post their blogs directly from the website to Facebook from a unified dashboard. Moreover, you can leverage analytical insights for productive planning. 


(This guide will help you to schedule RSS Feed on Facebook with Adublisher.)


In a nutshell, Facebook offers various options for making money. Whether you are a small business, an artist, or an enterprise, if you plan properly and play your cards right, you can make a fortune with Facebook. 

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