How To Make Money Online?

ThinWe are living in the 21st century, a digital era where more than 5 billion people— more than half of the world’s population— use the internet for various purposes, shopping, scrolling the internet, learning, marketing, …

ThinWe are living in the 21st century, a digital era where more than 5 billion people— more than half of the world’s population— use the internet for various purposes, shopping, scrolling the internet, learning, marketing, to schedule posts on social media with Adublisher, or simply just for fun. 

The most crucial aspect of every business is the audience or shoppers. 5 billion online users translate to millions of opportunities to make money online. 

People started online businesses as side hustles, and now they are making millions of dollars, leaving their day jobs behind. 

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Is it easy to make money online?

Before the advent of the digital age, only a few fortunate people could start businesses and make good money. People either had substantial ancestral wealth or straight-up got lucky. 

Thanks to the invention of the internet and social media, anyone can make money now. If you have a skill or are good at anything, you can monetize it online. 

Is it easy to make money online? Yes and no. Yes! If you are a passionate individual with a can-do attitude, you can make money online easily. 

Contrary to that, if you are looking for shortcuts and ways to make money online without putting effort into it, you might not get the desired results. 

If you are still reading this blog, It means you are a curious fellow looking to make money online. We have a long list of options for you, from long-term passive income to making some extra cash on the side. 

Become a freelancer online.

Freelancers are the fastest-growing workforce globally, with more than 1.5 billion freelancers worldwide as of 2023. Freelancing means working for yourself. 

Freelancers contact companies or vice versa and work on a contract basis. Companies outsource their work to skilled individuals instead of hiring and managing an entire workforce. 

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The internet is full of websites offering freelance work. Upwork and Fiverr are the leading freelance platforms allowing freelancers to start their gigs online and complete tasks to make money. 

Initially, you need specific skills to make money as a freelancer as you offer your services to complete some projects for a company. With the advent of Open AI and ChatGPT, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. 

As an online freelancer, you have many ways to make money: make APIs, write blogs and articles, develop apps, design UX/UIs, and so on. 

Another way of making money as a freelancer is outsourcing the work to others. If you have been working on— Upwork, for example— for a long time and have a strong portfolio, and you are getting more work than you can complete, outsource your work. 

Many newcomers find it difficult to get projects; you can offer your tasks to them at a lower cost and make money without actually working on the project. 

Start an Ecommerce business. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about online business is ecommerce websites. According to Forbes, the global ecommerce market is expected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026

(Data Source Forbes)

Starting an ecommerce business is a cost-effective option as you don’t need a brick-and-mortar establishment or business front to start making money. But it would be best to think this through before you embark on your ecommerce journey. 

Ecommerce is a versatile industry covering both existing businesses and new ventures. If you have a business, you can make extra sales by going online and starting an ecommerce website. 

By 2026, almost a quarter (24%) of all of the world’s purchases is expected to be made online. If you want a piece of this trillion-dollar cake, you can start your ecommerce website and sell custom products online. 

You can sell almost anything online, from jewelry to clothes, toys, music, art, home decor items, beauty products and cosmetics, electronics, etc. Apparel is the hottest category in the commerce business, with sales predicted to cross $3 trillion this year. 

Things to consider before starting an ecommerce business.

To start an ecommerce business, you need to consider a few things upfront.

  • What do you want to sell? Do complete research on the market and find what you want to sell, what will click the audience, and what can I make or sourced easily. Finalize your product. 
  • To whom do you want to sell? Now that you have a product, find out the interested audience for your product. Filter out your potential customers and your niche. 
  • Focus on your niche. Instead of broadcasting your product to everyone, make sure that you focus on your specific audience and craft a marketing strategy that can penetrate them effectively. 
  • Get a website. You can have a custom website for your business or use a CMS platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, and rent an ecommerce website. 
  • SEO and Digital Marketing. Digital marketing and SEO of the website are an ongoing process making sure that you come up in your audience feed, directing them to purchase with you. 

Create a user-friendly cadence for your customers to make them purchase before they leave. Keep an eye on your industry’s latest trends and dynamics and execute your business strategy accordingly. 

Offer services online. 

If you don’t know about selling products online, you can offer your services online and make a killing. Many people are skilled and passionate trainers, but they are limited to a few customers who visit their gym. 

You can be a master yogi, but you don’t have enough exposure to the audience and are forced to do day jobs to make ends meet. You can be a talented gymnast or guitarist or even a simple instructor. 

These talented individuals and many more like them— masseuse, physiotherapist, etc.— can offer their expertise and services online. You can offer private online and home visits to your audience. 

People can book meetings and visits with you online, just like checking out at an ecommerce store. You can expand your services business to products by offering branded merchandise on your website. 

Selling your guides and tips in the form of an e-book is also a way of making money online. 

Selling services online is not restricted to just masseuses and yoga instructors; mechanics and electricians can also benefit from this. 

You can start a business like UrbanClap, where people can book an hourly electrician, gardener, plumber, beautician, and other skilled workers to solve their problems. 

Start a dropshipping and Print-on-Demand (POD) business. 

Dropshipping and POD are the most risk-free options in the ecommerce industry. Amazon promoted the dropshipping business to new heights with new features and benefits. 

For people who need to learn what dropshipping is, it’s a business model where you list products on your website and promote them; when people want to buy them, they place the order and pay the amount. 

Individuals with the dropshipping website buy the product from vendors with the money the consumer pays and ship them, minimizing the possibility of loss. 

Print-on-Demand is a resembling model where people offer custom printing options to customers, and once the order is placed and the amount is paid, they direct the vendor to print the required design on items like mugs, hats, t-shirts, etc, and ship them. 

POD is a very agile and convenient way of making money online, as most of the work is done by the supplier, from printing to shipping. 

Start a blog site.

If you are a passionate writer, good at telling stories, and always have something to say, starting a blog is tailor-made for you. The rise of online businesses and the ecommerce industry has boosted the blog industry. 

People start blogs to share their ideas, expertise, and experiences with their readers, and once they accumulate enough audience, they monetize their blogs to make much money. 

You can write about a specific niche and share videos and images on your blog to engage readers. Blogs offer multiple ways of making money, like ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and publishing guest posts on their website. 

It’s a slow but profitable process— good things take time. The key is to keep posting good content on your blog with immersing media. Share your blogs on social media for more traffic. 

You can schedule RSS Feed with Adublisher from your blog and post directly to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to make money online. 

To promote these links, you can schedule posts on social media with Adublisher at peak times for maximum reach. 

Design and develop websites and applications. 

With the rise of digitalization, more and more businesses are creating their virtual presence for credibility and more potential customers. This high demand creates a gap in skilled developers that can design and develop robust and attractive websites. 

If you are a web developer and a UX/UI designer, you can make thousands of dollars creating websites for businesses. 

Most internet users use mobile phones as their primary medium of accessing the world wide web. This means that online businesses, especially the ones associated with the ecommerce industry, are looking for mobile apps for better ROIs. 

Create websites and mobile apps for businesses as a freelancer on hosted platforms like Upwork, or you can have your website marketing your skills and attracting new clients. 

Join an Affiliate Marketing program. 

Affiliate marketing is among the top choices for people to make money online, especially bloggers. If you have a blog, affiliate marketing comes easily as you can write about some product and post a link in the blog for quick conversion. 

Amazon holds the largest share (43.7%) of affiliate marketing globally. Affiliate markets entail promoting others’ products on your website and social media and getting a fixed commission in case of a conversion.

The affiliate market is affected by one big problem, low traffic. Bloggers schedule RSS Feed with Adublisher on social media to direct more readers to their blogs. 

If you are using social media as a medium of affiliate, you can schedule posts on social media with Adublisher at peak times according to your specified audience and reach them at the right time. This can help you increase your organic reach without spending a lot of money on ads.

Create a Youtube channel. 

Regarding monetizing your audience, Youtube is a great platform to cash in your content and make good money. Youtube offers a handful of ways of earning a livelihood, including Adsense, sponsored content, paid subscriptions, merch, and third-party subscriptions. 

To get your channel monetized, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public watch time in the last 12 months or 10 million public views on the Youtube shorts within the last 90 days

(Data Source EarthWeb)

Once you get monetized, ads will be attached to your videos, and you will get 55% of the ad revenue from Youtube. If you are eligible for monetization, you can add a paid subscription option to your channel, and viewers will pay to watch exclusive content. 

If you don’t qualify for monetization, you can use a third-party subscription model like Patreon, where viewers pay a one-time or recurring fee to watch you. 

Sponsored videos are a great way to help brands grow awareness and, in return, make money. You can also sell your merch or affiliate products by adding links in the video description. People can click on the link and check out your branded merchandise and make a purchase. 


Make money as a social media influencer. 

Social media influencers are a growing breed of individuals with many followers on social media platforms. Most influencers in the industry are not celebrities and artists but individuals who have built a strong community around their brand. 

If you can become an influencer, discover what you excel at and start growing an audience. Your content should be compelling enough to dominate the purchasing decisions of your followers. 

Instagram is the most popular platform for influencers, but most influencers use multiple channels to get more viewers, which is the most critical metric in this industry. 

Creating niche-oriented content, adding high-quality media like images and videos, determining the right time, and posting at that time regularly is very important for maximum exposure. 

Influencers schedule posts on social media with Adublisher to get more reach.

Once you have established yourself as an influencer, you can add monetization features to your channels and social media profile. Furthermore, the most opted-for way to make money through influencer marketing is posting sponsored content and partnering with brands. 

You can use blogs as your influencer marketing channel and start selling products. The best approach is to go omnichannel and add multiple channels maintaining good quality of the content.

Design posts in specific manners for different platforms for better results. To optimize your omnichannel approach, you can schedule RSS Feed with Adublisher on social media to make the process more productive. 

Schedule posts on social media with Adublisher to make money online. 

Adublisher is a robust social media management tool helping marketers around the globe in making money online. 

If you are a social media influencer or a marketing team handling multiple channels for a brand or just for yourself for optimal reach, Adublisher can help you. 

We know how much effort is required to post on all platforms at different peak times. To tackle this, you can schedule posts on social media with Adublisher for a hassle-free strategy. 

You can benefit from the Google Analytics that comes with every payment plan of Adublisher to make a more focused and effective game plan for your marketing. In addition to that, you can schedule bulk posts on social media, clearing your posting calendar. 

The RSS Feed feature allows you to schedule RSS Feed on social media for manual and auto posting from your blog or ecommerce site. 

Fast ways of making money online. 

All of the ways to make money mentioned above require time, hard work, determination, and continuous efforts to make money. There are some other ways to make some instant money on the side, 

  • Take surveys: Many companies and websites offer surveys to people to get their opinion about some product or topic or for information to develop something new or upgrade an existing one. You can make money by finding and completing a survey that fits your expertise. 
  • Sell old stuff online. You can sell your used cars, clothes, shoes, tech, and other items online and make hard cash on the go. 
  • Test products and websites. Test mobile games, apps, websites, and ecommerce stores, and give your feedback to the developers to optimize the customer experience. 
  • Become a voice-over artist. Companies pay people to star as voice-over artists in their videos and ads or to read their e-books and blogs. 
  • Sell digital designs. If you know graphics design, you can cash in your skills as a freelancer or create beautiful digital designs and sell them online on different platforms. 


The internet is home to endless opportunities for generating not one but multiple streams of revenue for people of all backgrounds and skills. 

If you are passionate, confident, skilled, and talented and have a can-do attitude, you can make crazy money online. 

Find what drives you, plan, start with baby steps, build on your success, learn from your failures, and keep trying. Remember, focus on hard work and avoid shortcuts for a constant and stress-free livelihood. 

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