Scheduling Posts on Social Media for Maximum Reach.

Social media is the leading channel of marketing opted by millions of marketers worldwide. The combined active users of all social media platforms are almost 5 billion (4.8 billion to be exact), more than half …

Social media is the leading channel of marketing opted by millions of marketers worldwide. The combined active users of all social media platforms are almost 5 billion (4.8 billion to be exact), more than half of the world’s population. 

Being a global platform, social media is accessed by people at different times and for multiple purposes. It requires complex strategies to reach users with versatile locations to correctly convey your message—like scheduling social media posts. 

One might wonder what posting right on social media means and why it is essential. If you are a casual user visiting the platform to share your thoughts and images with friends and family, posting right doesn’t apply to you. 

But if you are a social media marketing team or an influencer trying to make it in the digital social realm, you need to ensure that you are posting your content correctly. 

What does it mean to post the content in the right way? 

Imagine you are a digital marketing agency operating somewhere in Asia, but your clients are in America and want you to target their local audience. Would posting according to your local standard time make any difference? No, of course not. 

Astute marketing professionals go through an extensive process of finding the best audience according to their client’s niche— targeting young African American for basketball gear— these are not stereotypes but proper marketing metrics taken into account while strategizing. 

Once you funnel out your target audience, the next step is to find the right content for them, something they can relate to, an image, or a video in a tone that resonates with the age group. 

When everything is done, now is the most critical step, where you will find the best time to post so they can see your posts. Let’s consider Facebook; an average Facebook user spends around 35 minutes on Facebook; according to Meta, an average of 1500 posts are shown on his feed, which is way more than an individual can consume in said time. 

These numbers are multiplied ten times if you have followed many people or have many friends on Facebook. Moreover, only two posts out of 100 reach the eyes of the user. This shows the importance of posting your content at the right time. 

The best way to tackle this problem is to plan ahead. Find out your audience, draft a relevant and engaging post, find the best time to post, create a calendar of how many posts for each platform, and then execute the publishing process. 

What is the best time to post and the appropriate number of posts for each social media platform?

A common mistake among marketing newbies is posting identical posts simultaneously across all social media platforms. Contrary to popular belief, all social media platforms want to keep their users private, even though an average user visits multiple social media platforms daily. 

To stand out from the competition, every social media platform has a unique format for posts and prefers the appropriate posts while ranking and showing them— a good post in a wrong format will come after a bad post in the proper format— respect every platform’s format for maximum reach. 

Here are the standard formats for some social media platforms, 






The best time to post on social media is a myth, as every study and research has different results. The best approach is to conduct your own research and find the right time. 

To help the process, here is the best time to post on different social media platforms. 

Facebook: The summary of the best time to post on Facebook, according to most studies on the internet, is Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Instagram: According to SproutSocial, the best time to post on Instagram is on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Pinterest: The best time to post pins on Pinterest is Wednesday to Friday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is like a corporate social media platform used by executives and professionals, and the right time to target their feed is Tuesday at 10 a.m. 

Twitter: Twitter is a news-sharing platform, and although people are usually checking news, the most appropriate time to tweet is Wednesday to Friday at 10 a.m. 

(Image Source SproutSocial)

Knowing the right time to post is one thing; the number of posts is entirely different. If you post 

only once, you might not get the required results. To help our readers, this is the minimum number of posts for each social media platform, according to a study we found online

Facebook: 1 to 2 times per day

Instagram: 2 times per day

Pinterest: at least one time per week

LinkedIn: 1 to 2 times per day

Twitter: 2 and 3 times per day

These are the least number of posts per social media platform; savvy influencers and marketing professionals post multiple times for better results. 

Publishing on social media

Regularly publishing at the right time is more challenging than one might think. Luckily, scheduling posts on social media is an easy antidote for this problem. Posts can be scheduled on social media by using two methods.

  • Schedule posts with native tools
  • Scheduling posts on social media with Adublisher— a third-party social media management tool.

Scheduling posts using a native tool is convenient but has limitations, such as scheduling one page at a time and a restricted post count.

Scheduling posts on social media with Adublisher. 

Adublisher overcomes native tools’ limitations, aiding global marketers in achieving social media goals effectively.

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and a few tricks up its sleeves to make the life of social media management teams easy. Adublisher offers, 

  • Scheduling posts on social media platforms from a unified platform.
  • RSS Feed scheduling for manual and auto-posting of content from websites to social media.
  • Bulk scheduling to schedule an entire calendar on social media at a time.
  • Google Analytics to help with the strategic planning
  • Campaign management 

Schedule posts on social media

To schedule posts on social media, you need to log in to your Adublisher account. If you don’t have one, go to and click on the Start Free Trial; choose from the three payment plans or enjoy the free version. 

The sign-in process is simple, taking a few minutes to give you access to your dashboard. This is your launching pad for managing and keeping an eagle’s eye view of your progress across different platforms.

From the sidebar, click on the Content Planner. 

Authorize your social media pages and professional accounts for future postings by clicking the blue Settings button in the right corner.

After you authorize the Facebook account with Adublisher, you can sync the following social media platforms with a single authorization step.

[Here is how you can authorize your accounts]

Once your accounts are synced, you can see them on your Content Planner dashboard.

To initiate scheduling posts on social media with Adublisher, select the social media page or account you want to post on, add an engaging caption, and upload your images.

Hover on ‘Settings’, then click ‘Schedule’. Add the right time to the respective platform’s slot.

Click Done, and you will return to the Content Planner page. From here, click Schedule to complete the process. 

You can manage your scheduled posts by scrolling down the Content Planner window. 

Unleash social media platform potential with’s tools and stand out.


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