The Power of Social Media Management Tools in Transforming Your Online Presence

 Whether you are a social media manager, a startup, or a large organization, you know the value of having a strong social media presence. More importantly, you know how hard having a strong social media …

 Whether you are a social media manager, a startup, or a large organization, you know the value of having a strong social media presence. More importantly, you know how hard having a strong social media presence is. Unlike popular belief, it’s more than just posting funny or corporate posts. 

Social media management is an ongoing fusion of creativity and innovation. It requires precision, dedication, hard work, collaboration, and documentation at the base to get things going. It takes a village to manage 6-7 social media accounts properly, but unfortunately, we see only a few brave men trying to slay the beast— social media marketing. 

Small businesses, particularly, are affected by the scarcity of resources and workforce to manage their social media marketing. As a successful business, you don’t want just to manage things. You expect them to be performing exceptionally. 

So, how can we achieve that productivity and efficiency? How can businesses manage multiple social media accounts effectively? What is the secret of successful social media managers juggling several social appearances at their fingertips? 

Well, the answer to these questions is simple: Social media management tools. Social media management tools like Adublisher are a very important tool of trade for marketers, helping them boost their productivity and optimize their social media marketing efforts. 

These tools are SaaS software available at very low cost for every business, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With these tools, marketers can schedule posts, interact with audiences, create content, manage ads, collaborate with team members, and maximize their social media marketing potential. 

To better understand the importance of social media management tools, let’s look at some of their primary benefits. 

Why should businesses invest in social media management tools?

Social media management tools are innovative solutions for busy marketers and entrepreneurs. These softwares are capable of doing days and weeks of work in hours. Apart from that, here are some of the prominent reasons to invest in the,

Managing multiple social media accounts. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the top-performing and the most popular social media platforms globally. All of these social media platforms are unique and have their own set of rules and community guidelines.

Managing accounts across all these requires you to remember their login information and curate content according to their formats and requirements. Moreover, businesses have multiple pages, groups, and boards for posting. Facebook allows unlimited business pages, Instagram lets you have 5 accounts, and Pinterest business account offers 2000 boards. 

Creating and posting content on these pages and accounts takes a lot of time and effort. With social media management tools like Adublihser, marketers can authorize their accounts and post across them from a centralized dashboard. 

Forget about remembering and sharing passwords with team members, compromising security. Once you have synced your accounts with the software, you can access all of your accounts from your management dashboard. Now, you don’t have to share the protected information with anyone. 

Streamline workflow and collaboration. 

Social media teams have several talented and creative members, from writers to assistants. These numbers fatten up if you manage multiple companies or a large organization with several accounts. Social media management tools help managers properly command their troops by streamlining collaboration. 

These softwares come with content calendars and to-do lists, allowing managers to assign tasks and measure progress. Social managing tools facilitate seamless communication across all team members, ensuring real-time collaboration on pressing matters. Moreover, delegated tasks ensure everyone knows their role in the process. 

Effective communication helps businesses avoid mishaps like multiple members answering a single question or comment repeatedly. Everyone can check the tasks in progress and share their productive feedback to improve the content. 

Better content management. 

Content management is the integral and the most difficult aspect of every social media marketing strategy. Coming up with ideas, curating content, adding visuals, and hoping they click requires a lot of pampering and brainstorming. 

Many social media tools come with built-in AI-powered tools assisting in creating captions for posts. Marketers and content creators get inspirational ideas from these tools to create content according to the hot trends of the industry. 

Some management tools facilitate the process of generating graphics with tools like Canva. You can create videos and images from the same software without jumping across different windows. With AI options— images from text— marketers can create vibrant images with a few keyboard keystrokes. 

Content calendars are another useful tool that comes with managing tools. Once created, content can be stored in these templates according to their posting dates and times. Content calendars have dual benefits— collaboration and content management. 

Schedule content at the right time. 

The most prominent feature of social media management tools is their ability to schedule for publishing. Social media platforms come with native scheduling tools but lack several important aspects, like posting across multiple accounts simultaneously. 

Built-in tools like Meta Business Suite can’t post a single post across multiple Facebook pages, let alone multiple social media platforms. Consequently, businesses invest in third-party SaaS schedulers like Adublisher instead of wasting precious time and effort on native schedulers. 

social media management tools

With post schedulers, you can schedule months of content in a single sitting. Scheduling content frees up a lot of time for marketers, allowing them to focus on real-time problems like customer care. Since social media is a great traffic source, marketers can schedule their RSS Feed to post blog content on social media platforms, diverting traffic to blog sites. 

social media management tools

Besides scheduling, marketers and successful businesses schedule content at the right time. If your audience is active when you are sleeping, you can schedule posts according to the respective peak time. Meaning your social media will be active even if you are resting. 

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Measure what matters. 

Social media management tools are an intelligent effort because their benefits go beyond team management and post-scheduling. These tools come with built-in analytical tools like Google Analytics, allowing marketers to analyze and measure their social media performances. 

Marketing teams can use these robust analytical tools to measure their social media campaigns and key metrics— engagements, reach, and conversions. Decision-makers can look into audience insights and competitor analysis. To see how the audience behaves and what competitors do to capture their target consumers. 

Customer, market, and competitor analysis reports are valuable data points leading companies use to base their future decisions. Data-driven and well-thought-out plans are more likely to achieve their goals than rash strategies based on hunches and theories. 

Performance reports show stakeholder’s return on their investment— ROIs— nurturing confidence and trust in their marketing team. 

Proper validation and verification. 

The days of convincing top business officials about the importance of a strong social media presence are long gone. Every informed CEO and COO knows that social media marketing is inevitable for their success. But these officials have a lot on their plate and can’t take time out for social media. 

Scheduling tools or management tools are the best option to bring them into the marketing loop by sharing content calendars and reports with them. In addition to that, it allows the marketing teams to get approvals and validation from senior management. Properly verified content targeted at the right audience aligned with the company’s and consumers’ combined interests is bound to succeed. 

A great fix for small businesses. 

Large corporations can spend an extensive amount of money on marketing efforts. Small businesses and startups can’t afford such luxury and must work with tight budgets and crunched-up schedules. 

Social media management tools offer a level playing field for everyone. Social media is a free and powerful marketing tool for SMBs, enabling them to promote their brand and products without breaking the bank. These managing tools make this process easy and manageable for them. 

The advertising cost on social media platforms is marginal compared to other electronic and print media like newspapers and TV. With the marketing tools at their disposal, they can target their low-cost ads at the right audience— making very much by spending very little. 

If you are an entrepreneur or an SMB looking for maximum reach and engagement for brand awareness and analytical insights, social media management tools like Adublisher are a great fit for you. Just go to and get started. 

The best practices for social media management tools. 

Knowing what you can do with social marketing tools and how to harness their power productively are two different things. Following are the best practices for social media marketing tools to boost productivity.

  • Set SMART Goals. Before you start creating content for social media and invest in marketing tools, set SMART goals. What do you want to achieve from your social media campaigns? How can this tool help you achieve that?
  • Target Audience. Broadcasting content will yield very little to no rewards. Find your target audience. Who should see your posts? Who do you want to target? Which people are most likely to give your business?
  • Platform your audience likes. Select an optimal mix of social media platforms depending on your goals and your target audience. Where will your audience see your posts? Where can they contact you? 
  • Carefully Monitor. It’s essential to keep tabs on your progress. See where you stand and where you are headed in your social media efforts. What works and what’s lacking? What needs to be done? 
  • Make Necessary Adjustments. What can I do to improve this? Make arrangements like changing the tone, posting time, medium, graphics, and content type. See how things evolve. Based on the new results, shape your scheduled posts. 
  • Keep an Eye Out. Social media changes every minute of the day. Ensure you are updated about the new trends and practices of the industry. What’s new in the market? What is making a buzz currently? How can I become a part of it? 

Top 5 social media management tools. 


social media management tools

Adublisher is a robust social media management tool offering several useful features.

  • Scheduling posts across leading social media platforms— Facebook. Instagram, and Pinterest. 
  • Bulk scheduling to schedule a month’s social media posts in a few minutes. 
  • RSS Feed scheduling to publish blogs on social media platforms autonomously.
  • Google Analytics offers insights and performance reports. 
  • Campaign management for social media ad campaigns. 

Besides these benefits, Adublisher is an economic tool with a very low cost, and a free version is also available. A trial period to make purchasing decisions after testing the software. 

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social media management tools

Buffer is a similar social media management tool offering features like scheduling content across multiple social media platforms. You can customize content to specific platforms and manage your messages from a unified dashboard. Buffer has both web and mobile apps for content management. 

One of the biggest problems with the tool is that it’s not fully compatible with Instagram. The analytical insights of the software are somewhat basic and limited. There are minor issues with Facebook and Twitter as well. The pricing starts at $5. 

Sprout Social.

social media management tools

Sprout Social is a great tool for team collaboration and an all-in-one software. Marketers can schedule content across most of the popular social media platforms. A built-in content calendar and role-based access are distinguishing features of the marketing tool. Sprout Social offers robust and targeted analytical insights. 

It’s an expensive tool, with prices starting from $249 per month.  


social media management tools

Hootsuite is a great social media management tool for small, medium, and large businesses alike. It offers complete centralized social media management capabilities for all top social media platforms. A unified messaging and engagement monitor along with real-time insights and analysis. Hootsuite offers advanced video features for selective social media accounts. 

It is more expensive than Adublisher and Buffer but cheaper than Sprout Social, with prices starting from $99. 


social media management tools

Later is a visual-centric social media management tool mainly focused on Instagram. It also allows scheduling across other social media platforms, but the main concern lies with Instagram. Exciting features like drag & drop for scheduling. Similar features to Hootsuite but limited to small businesses. 


Too focused on Instagram, lacking basic features for other social media platforms. Better pricing starts from $40. 


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