The Role of Social Media Automation in Today’s Marketing Landscape.

Social media and brands are a match made in heaven. Whether you are an experienced digital marketing guru or a novice marketer, social media marketing is the main agenda in digital marketing strategy. Here is …

Social media and brands are a match made in heaven. Whether you are an experienced digital marketing guru or a novice marketer, social media marketing is the main agenda in digital marketing strategy. Here is a secret: social media automation is the perfect way to boost your social media efforts. 

Seamless social media automation backed by a robust social media automation tool, Adublisher, is a sure way to unlock the true potential of social media marketing. 96% of marketers have used a marketing automation platform for their businesses. 

The second most significant ratio of these marketers after email marketing is automation for social media marketing, with 47%. These figures are expected to increase exponentially with the spread and importance of social media marketing for businesses. 

(Data Source NapoleonCat)

What is social media automation? 

Social media automation can be described as a genie doing the grueling and recurring social media marketing task for you. Social media automation tools, like Adublisher, are mainly being deployed to optimize content curation, analytical insights, and scheduling posts on social media. 

These tools bring agility and productivity to the workflow by helping busy marketers and small businesses focus on real-time tasks. You can work on more concerning matters with automated social media tasks in the background while keeping you in the loop. 

What are the benefits of social media automation? 

Social media automation is frowned upon by many marketers, as apparent by the figures. The reason is that social media management or automation tools can’t do the creative work of a human marketer. 

The issue lies in the misinterpretation of the process; social media automation is not in place to do your job from beginning to end but a tool of the trade assisting social media marketers in enabling multitasking effectively. 

64% of marketers managing social media for companies say that social media marketing is one of their multiple duties. Consequently, social media automation tools like Adublisher are a great fix to maximize productivity. 

Now that we have rested the issue associated with automation in marketing, it is time to highlight the benefits of social media automation. 

Automation can save a lot of time. 

Digital marketing is a complex endeavor involving many moving parts requiring constant attention and time. Social media automation tools save a lot of time by doing most repetitive tasks like posting regularly and scheduling posts on social media. 

A combination of marketing automation with human monitoring and AI content curation can save a lot of precious time and resources. Instead of hiring multiple people for minimal duties, investing in tools like Adublisher is an intelligent choice. 

Multiply work efficiency. 

Social media is a vast field; businesses have 6-7 social presences, all requiring constant monitoring and postings. Using a unified platform to manage and overview all platforms and publishing content without jumping across accounts ensures efficiency. 

Streamlining workflow is among the core design points of social media automation tools. You can post on multiple pages and groups of one platform and various accounts on several different social media accounts according to their respective audience from a single viewpoint. 

Moreover, once you have scheduled posts, you can analyze them, bring your team in for review, and improve your social media posts for better outcomes. 

Post regularly, maintaining a consistent appearance. 

Unfortunately, Social media is an “Out of sight, Out of mind” marketing network. If you are not posting regularly, you are fading in the minds of consumers. Creating content for different platforms in respective formats and publishing according to their unique peak times is no piece of cake. 

This is where social media automation tools come into play. You can draft and publish or schedule content on several social media platforms automatically. Ensuring your posts reach your target audience is a guaranteed way to get more conversions and ROI. 

Foster engagements on social media. 

If you regularly post quality content at the right time, customers will interact with your posts. As a result, you will see a noticeable increase in your engagements— likes, comments, shares, retweets, and messages

Since most of the posting will be streamlined, you can focus on replying to comments and answering inquiries, fostering consumer trust. If you are consistent in your replies and engage with your audience consistently, engagements will increase along with more prospects.

Another benefit of quick customer response on social media is nurturing of word of mouth marketing. When people see bands taking an interest in customers’ issues and handling them publicly, it boosts their confidence and urges them to make purchases. 

Make Data-driven decisions. 

Social media is the go-to channel for businesses to gather insights for new products and projects. Marketing automation tools come with analytical tools providing necessary insights about customer behavior, the latest trends, and competitors. 

Marketing teams and executives use the analytical reports from social media to plan effective strategies for nurturing conversions and profit. This shows the broader potential of automation besides social media. 

Where to use social media automation? 

Finding the balance of where and when to use social media automation is the key to success. You can’t use automation for every process, and that is a fact. Creating content with tools and publishing without proofreading and tweaking can expose you to a lot of issues. 

Similarly, you can’t use automation tools for effective engagements. People prefer human touch, and connecting with them on a human level is essential. So, automate the static tasks like posting and managing, interacting, and engaging with customers. 

Here is how you can use social media automation tools. 

Content creation. 

Content creation is a flexible process involved in social media marketing. Marketers can use AI-powered content creation tools to get insights and outlines for creating content. Instead of making the entire copy, use these tools to get inspiration and curate content. 

Social media algorithms prefer human content; it’s pivotal for your success to create a tranquil harmony of human creativity and machine assistance to create abundant, compelling content. Marketers opt for a practical approach and create posting calendars catered to their target audience and products.

Social media scheduling. 

Social media automation tools primarily aim to schedule and publish content across multiple accounts and pages from a unified dashboard. Adublisher is an excellent tool for scheduling posts on leading social media platforms— Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Social media automation allows marketing teams to schedule single posts, entire social media posting calendars with bulk scheduling, and RSS Feed scheduling. Once your content is scheduled, you can focus on other tasks while observing your social media performance. 

Google Analytics. 

A successful strategy is a data-driven strategy. Social media is the primary source of insights for 72% of businesses. Companies are investing increasingly in social media management and automation tools, not just for posting but for market intelligence. 

Social media tools offer a deeper analysis of customer behavior, what they like and dislike, and how they react to certain things. Furthermore, these reports have valuable insights about the new and upcoming market trends with more real-time updates than any other method.  

Businesses are using social automation tools to monitor competitors. Look out for what they are planning and use these insights to get ahead of the competition, outsmarting others in the market. 


Chatbots are the future of customer service, without a doubt. AI-powered chatbots are getting popular in social media since people are using social media for customer services and complaints. People are more active on social media, making more inquiries than ever. 

Consequently, 68% of customer service agents feel overwhelmed by their duties. Taking it to the next step, customers want a proper response from brands within 24 hours of the question or inquiry. 

(Data Source NapoleonCat)

Chatbots are the only logical and cost-effective way of answering customer questions and informing the respective department to move their efforts to solve the customer’s problems. 

RSS Feed. 

RSS Feed is a powerful tool of social media automation softwares like Adublisher, allowing marketers and bloggers to connect their social media feed with their websites. Marketers can publish their blogs on multiple social media platforms from a single viewpoint. 

RSS Feed is an excellent fix for small businesses and individuals associated with affiliate marketing to maximize their content marketing strategy. Once scheduled, Adublisher can automatically and manually publish posts on social media platforms simplifying the process.  

How to adopt social media automation effectively?

Analyze your needs. 

Social media automation can range from simple post-scheduling on social media to a full-fledged social media automation strategy involving multiple tools and techniques. The best practice to adopt social media automation starts with analyzing your company’s needs. 

Create a list of SMART goals and build your strategy around them. Find out how to achieve those goals, whether you have the workforce, should you hire more people, or invest smartly in an automation tool. If you are going to invest in a tool, what kind of tools do you want, and how much are you willing to automate? 

Finalize your marketing budget, bring all stakeholders in the loop, and move on to choose the right tool. 

Choosing a social media automation tool. 

Go to the Google search bar and enter social media automation tools; you will come across a long list of options and tools. Put these tools under your microscope and find out which suits your needs best. 

The company and goal analysis you did before will come in handy. Measure the productivity and practicality of the tools on your variables of what you want and how much you can spend. Filter out a few and then choose the one offering the best features and have positive reviews. 

Test the tool before finalizing. 

Almost every tool offers a trial period to test the features before making a payment. Once you have finalized the social media management tool, talk to customer support, discuss your requirements, and, in the process, analyze their after-sales services. 

Test the tools with every possible and ensure that you are making the right decision. A word of advice: Start with the basic plan and gradually upgrade your subscription package. 

Posting calendar. 

Plan ahead of time and create a social media posting calendar. You can use AI-generated content— another automation tool. Creating a posting calendar beforehand gives you an eagle-eye view of what you are posting. 

Marketers can create posts about upcoming events and schedules, minimizing the risk of forgetting or posting in a rush and exposing content to mistakes and typos. The best way to initiate automation is by creating a posting calendar and scheduling on social media with tools like Adublisher. 

Make necessary adjustments. 

As mentioned above, the best strategy is to know when and where to use automation with constant human supervision. To fully unlock the potential of social media automation, keep an eye on the process and look for necessary changes and improvements. 

When creating content, use tools for inspiration and curate humane content. Regularly check your social media engagements and performance. Social media trends can change in minutes, so ensure you are up-to-date and add or remove posts from your calendar. 

How can Adublisher help you? 

You can start the automation process by bringing in a powerful social media management tool, Adublisher. Adublisher offers a handful of options to increase the productivity and efficiency of social media strategy. 

Marketers can choose from three subscription plans offered by Adublisher or enjoy the free version. It’s a user-friendly, state-of-the-art tool designed to help marketers tap into the real potential of social media marketing. 

You can draft, publish, and schedule posts on social media one at a time or utilize the bulk scheduling option to schedule the entire posting calendar in a single sitting. With the RSS Feed option of the software, you can schedule posts from your blog or ecommerce site to several social media networks simultaneously. 

Google Analytics is used by teams globally to analyze the market and user behavior. These reports can be used among different company departments for various purposes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Rush over to and take the first step to bring innovation to your digital marketing efforts. 


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