What is AI-Generated Content for Digital Marketing: A complete guide.

Imagine creating good-quality content for digital marketing efforts on the go at any hour of the day. Seems too good to be true. Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence, it’s very much possible and …

Imagine creating good-quality content for digital marketing efforts on the go at any hour of the day. Seems too good to be true. Thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence, it’s very much possible and has been helping marketers with content strategy


Compelling content is the foundation of every digital marketing campaign. The once time-consuming task of addressing an issue that demanded days of planning and meetings can now be accomplished swiftly.


AI-generated content has been on the rise recently, and for the right reasons, too. Apart from creating quality content, AI offers personalized and accurate content better targeted at the audience. It fosters better relationships between brands and consumers. 


Whether you are a writer, content creator, entrepreneur, SMB, enterprise, or even a student, you can benefit from AI content. Marketers use AI to develop and market content with content marketing tools like Adublisher, from creating social media posts to creating videos from simple text. 


What is AI-generated content, and how does it work? 


Any content created with AI tools is described as AI-generated content. You can write captions, blogs, emails, and compelling ad copy. Interestingly you can create images from text, images from photos, animations, videos from PPT, and videos from a script. 


Big corporations like Coca-Cola and Nike use AI to personalize their sales and marketing processes. If you are unfamiliar with concepts, you won’t be able to distinguish between AI-generated content and human one. 

AI-generated content

AI content is generated based on a set of principles powered by machine learning, data analysis, and user input. A piece of content produced with the help of AI is only as accurate and effective as the user’s input. 


The content creation process starts with human input; it can be a prompt, keywords for the blog, data from your website analysis, or a link to the landing page. The AI generator will analyze the data and produce a piece of content based on a set of parameters— grammar, spell checker, sentence builder, and machine learning. 


What are the different types of content created with AI? 

Artificial intelligence is still in the progressive phase. As more and more companies and inventors focus on its development, we see new possibilities and content types. Below are the most popular types of content created with AI. 


Writing Social media post copy. 

According to a study published by HubSpot, social media posts are the most generated content types with AI. 58% of marketers use AI to create post captions and copy for social media channels. 


Regarding social media posts, AI offers several benefits besides creating content. It can analyze your target audience and suggest personalized topics and ideas for your content calendar, and you can help you write the copy. 

AI-generated content

AI-powered tools offer the best times and days to assist marketers in creating segmented content that reaches them at the perfect times based on the behavior analysis of the audience. Social media marketing teams schedule posts with Adublisher, a content marketing tool, at the times and days suggested by AI to increase their reach and engagements. 


Attractive Product descriptions. 

Product descriptions can be a boring subject for a writer or content creator, especially if the niche is technology and software development. Writer’s block is also a common problem with product description, as you are sometimes lost in creating a balance between effective representation of the product in a non-technical manner. 


AI content generators are being employed by development agencies and businesses of all types to create attractive product descriptions, reducing human error. You can enter the product information and set the tone of your content to make a humanized representation of your product, conveying the process in a more neutral tone. 

AI-generated content

Creating good product descriptions supplemented with good keywords is crucial for successful digital marketing campaigns, primarily if you are associated with an affiliated program. AI content generators are an excellent choice in this regard. 


Compelling emails for high conversions. 

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing, bringing in mature leads. Creating compelling email marketing copy is a tricky business. If you write a long copy, the customer will skip it, and if you are not conveying the right message in short form, you will not get any CTR. 


Marketing teams are extensively using AI content generators to create persuasive emails with high-quality images and catchy punchlines.Emails are the third most popular content type, with 43% of marketers using AI tools to generate emails. 

AI-generated content

A clear, concise, and persuasive email with videos and images is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. With AI content generators, marketers generate email calendars and set things in motion with email automation, bringing innovation to every end.


AI-generated content: vibrant images. 

This is probably an AI content generator’s most fun and exciting feature. Even though videos are the most famous content types in social media, 80% of marketers use images in social media posts. 


AI has made creating visuals for social media posts and blogs more manageable. You can create images from text— enter a prompt explaining what photo you want in the image generator and see the magic unfold before your eyes. 

AI-generated content

Images from images are another exciting option AI image generators offer, allowing marketers to enhance pictures and bring vibrance and attractiveness to their visuals. Marketers use AI avatars in landing pages and marketing campaigns to attract viewers.


Captivating videos for marketing campaigns. 

Since we are on visuals, AI video generators are content-creating tools to create videos from several inputs. Just like creating images from text, you can create videos from text. Video generators allow users to enter information in the form of scripts or general prompts— “a panda surfing on the board in the oceans with waves splashing on his face— to create videos. 

AI-generated content

Videos from PPT is a feature where users add PowerPoint slides as input, and a video generator can create a full-fledged video based on the data in the slides. You can also create a video by inputting images into the prompt instead of using text or slides. This allows you to create a video that can serve multiple purposes.


The possibilities with AI are endless; besides the above videos, you can create animations and GIFs, add subtitles, create demos, product description videos, and so on. 


Build UX/UI optimized landing pages. 

We all know the importance of a good and optimized UI/UX in SEO and conversion. AI content generators are now capable of designing entire landing pages. Landing page-building tools powered by AI are available online, helping companies achieve their goals. 

Marketers and small businesses are using artificial intelligence tools to perform A/B testing and filtering issues with the website, helping developing teams create better landing pages. SEO optimization is another benefit of landing page generators aiding in increasing the DA of websites. 


Engaging blog posts. 

As a writer, I can say that creating a blog post takes a lot of research, knowledge, outlines, brainstorming, fact-checking, and typing. Even after proofreading, we still leave behind some typos and errors.

AI content generators have made this process easy and more agile. Marketers and bloggers can add titles, keywords, and some essential inputs, and the tools will create engaging content in seconds. Although you will need to proofread the content and make some arrangements— if required— it can do a day of work in minutes. 


What are the benefits of using AI-generated content?


AI content generators offer marketing teams a wide range of services, covering many bases efficiently and productively. Let’s explore some prominent pros of using AI content generators. 


Saves time with fast content creation. 

What goes into creating a catchy caption, compelling blog post, and attractive email? A lot of research, planning, creating ideas, and testing the results can take a lot of time, depending on the length and complexity of your project. 


Artificial intelligence tools can do all these processes quickly and more efficiently. You can create a considerable amount of content in little to no time. A person can write one blog post of 2000-3000 words daily; an AI content generator can create 10-20 articles in less time

Similarly, you can create entire social media posting calendars in a single day, target your audience, and schedule it with the bulk posting feature of Adublisher or some other social media management tool. 


Content repurposing is also a benefit of AI, as you can create several blogs and social media posts from a single blog or infographics. 


Cost-effective option for marketers. 

It costs hundreds of dollars to hire a freelance writer for a single blog, depending on the length and quality of the content. If you hire one for a long time, these figures will grow to thousands of dollars annually. 


Contrary to that, you can get a subscription to a robust AI content generator offering versatile benefits, and you can reduce this cost to mere double figures— per your subscription package. These scalable tools allow you to gradually increase your investment for more features.  

Different teams can use AI content generators for various purposes, marketing teams for content, secretaries for emails, and other departments of the organization, making them a great resource. 


SEO-optimized content creation. 

SEO-optimized content is the fuel for running successful websites to the top ranking. AI content ranks highly because tools are designed to extract data from websites and sources with better ranking and domain authority.


Moreover, AI tools can do research and offer high-volume keywords and phrases that are easy to rank and can help bring more traffic to your websites. AI content creators implement advanced SEO practices in their content, offering content with good readability and optimal overall SEO score. 

AI-generated content

No more writer’s block. 

Writer’s block is a real problem for content creators. Writing quality content can be challenging, especially on unfamiliar or repetitive topics. 


AI tools can help writers in this regard and create consistent, high-quality content about duplicate titles or more advanced titles. Writers can get ideas and blog outlines for their content or produce complete blogs based on the input they provide. 


What are the limitations of AI content? 


AI is a work in progress; even costly and highly advanced tools are prone to mistakes and limitations. If you do not heed the AI-generated content, you might end up on the receiving end. 

Risk of plagiarism and inconsistent quality. 

AI tools work on a fixed set of principles heavily dependent on the limited machine learning capabilities. No matter how advanced these tools are, they lack the human touch and the ability to see beyond the 0 and 1


In content creation, a vast gray area is almost invisible to AI, disabling the ability to read between the lines. If you want facts and quantity, AI tools are great, but they tend to lose their touch in the long run. 


Using already published sources poses a massive risk of plagiarism since most of the data is being pulled from them. Copying content from other sources can harm the authority and image of your brand. 

Risk of getting penalized by Google. 

Google is a big advocate of human-generated content. If you use AI-generated content too much for your blogs and landing pages, the crawler has a very high chance of catching you.


Again, plagiarism is also a problem for websites as crawlers and Google algorithms prefer original high-quality content for SERP. AI content generators embed keywords based on the rules of SEO imprinted in their algorithm regardless of their sense in the sentence. 


Google algorithms can pick these nifty points and penalize websites after the upgrade of August 2022— human-generated content for humans


Lack of creativity and human touch. 

People engage with content they feel a connection to. AI doesn’t have any emotional intelligence; it creates blogs, articles, and posts based on the outlines provided by the user. Strictly sticking to the set of working principles leaves machine footprints. 


Moreover, AI is not entirely familiar with the complexities of human language which can lead to many potholes. Constant human proofreading and alterations are required to finalize a simple copy. 

AI-generated content

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